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Top 5 mobile apps that are going to be a huge success in 2020

Bucharest, Romania - May 14, 2019: Macro image with various apps (Instagram, Skype, FaceTime, LinkedIn) on a mobile device.

It doesn’t matter what age you are or what interests you are into, your smartphone is sure to be by your side at most occasions. And if you haven’t grown up with one practically glued to your hand then you will surely see the benefits of, not only having a camera close to hand to capture those special moments, but have the ability to send a quick message to someone, download some music, update your diary or lose an hour or two in that really addictive game, or even make a call! (wait those things actually take calls?!)

Smartphones are an essential item for so many reasons and, while the race for the best app out there started a long time ago, it is only getting more inundated with contenders. There seems to be an app for just about everything these days so it can be hard to figure out which of these might actually prove useful, surprisingly easy to use or worth investing in. We’ve done our research and have come up with the top five apps that we think are going to see success very soon so if you have a little cash to spare then consider investing in one of the following.

Tik Tok – Make Your Day

If you haven’t heard of this hugely fun and popular app then where have you been? This video-sharing offering gives users an endless stream of clips created by others to suit their tastes. Just engage with what you like and more will appear to suit your style. Show off a skill, add sounds and other creative effects, edit your videos and share to engage in this worldwide community that others are enjoying. Ranked at the very top for entertainment on the app store, if you’re not already on board with this app then you really should be.

With a largely young audience taking part it is worth asking, is TikTok a safe app to use? TikTok offers anti-bullying features and the ability to choose not to see upsetting content, so you and your children can feel safe and in control of what they see online.

PicsArt Photo Editor + Collage

All decent phones have a decent camera and many come with satisfactory to good editing tools but apps like this take your photos from OK to artful in a very short time. Users unleash their creativity with the effects, stickers, templates, drawing tools, face editor, collage maker, filters, face swap and beautify tools. You can create a piece of art from a basic photo, remove objects from photos, add in effects and more and, with over 600 million installs already, we know this is only going to get more popular.

BitLife – Life Simulator

If you happen to be one of those people who gets easily addicted to a fun game then look away now! This game is popular for a reason as it gives you the choices to create the life you want or one that would make your grandma turn in her grave! Become famous, marry the love of your life, commit a crime, go to jail and start a riot, the options are engaging, entertaining and you’ll want to play this on repeat. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 107,000 people so far, you know it must be good, everyone is looking for the next big game that will kick off and this could just be it.

Twitch: Live Game Streaming

The ever-growing trend of, not only, playing video games but the huge business of watching others play, achieve high scores and tutor the viewer to do the same doesn’t show signs of slowing and with over 88,000 ratings at an average of 4.7, we think Twitch is certainly one to add to your watch list. Viewers watch live stream, chat with fellow keen gamers across the world and can go live themselves creating an unstoppable network of like-minded people to share their passions with.

VR Movies Player

VR and AR apps are the future, it is going to be huge, and, at the moment, the technology isn’t fully there but this is certainly something to look out for. Whether it involves watching from a selection of millions of 3D virtual reality videos like VR Movies Player or getting involved in a game or creating a whole new life for ourselves within our phones to escape the world as it is, this is what to keep your eye on.

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