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Travel smart: How to use event apps to plan your next business trip

Planning a business trip, whether it’s just for yourself or for bringing along a team of colleagues, is never an easy task. Hotel stays, meetings and flights all need to be tightly scheduled and kept within a rigid timeframe to ensure the trip is a success. You could get your PA to plan the trip for you – or you could do it yourself with the help of event planning apps. How?

This guide will explain just that. Using an app for events from and similar others like Blossom and Planning Pod, you can keep track of all facets of your trip while ensuring everyone is following the same itinerary. Keep reading to find out how to utilize these useful apps for your next business trip!

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Event apps always have an ‘invite’ function to invite exclusive members to the group – in the case of business trips, usually the attendees. After you’ve created this group, everyone can see your schedule, calendar and notifications for updates about the event.

Are you planning your next business trip?

This is an amazing tool for business trips as you can invite your colleagues and clients to the same group and update everyone on what’s going on. If your flight gets delayed – post a message to everyone apologizing for your late arrival. Need to change the time of a meeting? Your entire group will be notified, so that no one gets left behind.

Using an organizational app such as this will mean that timings and itineraries run like clockwork.

Create To-Do Lists

Whether they stay private for you or you share them with members of your team, to-do lists will help you track everything that still needs to be done prior to setting off on your important venture. Everyone knows how essential to-do lists are to staying productive and not forgetting anything that needs doing. Keep on top of your plans by using event apps’ list and task management features, and you can avoid that last-minute panic over forgetting to book your transport between the airport and your hotel.

Easily Share Files

Attaching files to lengthy email threads from your smartphone or tablet can be fiddly and clumsy. Event apps enable a chat feature between attendees (or a selection of them), so you can quickly share information with co-organizers and guests if you need. Instant messaging that supports large file sharing is infinitely easier than confusing email threads and will be a savior in your trip planning.

Send itineraries, data, charts and more to your colleagues and clients to keep everyone informed or share business documents to discuss ahead of your face-to-face meeting.

Event apps like MeetApp enable app users to collaborate on notes and files, making it easy to plan how to move forward post-meeting

Chat & Build Rapport

Event apps’ chat features are a great help in establishing rapport between attendees before a meeting. Rather than going into a business meeting blind, people can chat, discuss and introduce themselves in a more informal setting ahead of their first formal meeting. This helps to encourage friendly relations between business associates (especially if you’ve never met before) and ensures introductions are smooth so that you can get straight into business as soon as you arrive.

Make Collaborative Notes

Event apps like MeetApp enable app users to collaborate on notes and files, making it easy to plan how to move forward post-meeting. List all your discussion points and tasks to action in a single place, added to by everyone, so that everyone knows their role when they get back to work.

Both you and your clients can add feedback and notes to this shared document so that no discussion point is forgotten. Another very useful aspect of this feature is that colleagues who couldn’t attend the business trip can also contribute from afar: no matter where someone is, if they are invited to use the app and the shared features within it, they can stay in close contact and make their voice heard, even despite being in a different country.