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Face Lift Dentistry: The future of the facelift with an array of health benefits and improved jaw alignment

By LLM Reporters  |  October 15, 2020

So many of us are on an eternal quest to look as young and attractive as possible and are happy to spend a fortune on various elixirs and vitamins to fend off the ravages of time. What many haven’t realised though is that we can actually change the whole shape of our face to regain a youthful profile – and that’s without a surgical facelift or jaw surgery.

Most people don’t realise how much our jaw contributes to our appearance and the ageing effects it can have on our faces. Over time, teeth start to move forward, they slowly disappear behind our lips due to enamel erosion, our cheeks begin to look sunken, our jowls sag, and the chances of our teeth falling out also increases. An incorrectly aligned jaw affects the overall shape of the face; it can create a weak chin, a round face, a protruding upper lip, or an awkward smile. Depressing much?

A correctly aligned jaw on the other hand positions the upper jaw over the lower jaw so that the teeth meet neatly, producing a natural and beautiful looking smile, instantly increasing your confidence. Investing in a beautiful smile is something no one regrets – an optimally aligned jaw will benefit your dental health, your overall health and also make your face and jawline look younger. If you would like straighter teeth, fixing your jaw alignment can help with this too. Some people have perfectly straight teeth but still have a misaligned jaw.

JawTrac® fixes the original source of the problem

Although jaw surgery can be effective, it is painful, requires substantial recovery time, and is not entirely risk-free. Balancing functionality with aesthetics, the team at Face Lift Dentistry, led by the renowned and revered Dr. Sam Muslin, offer a high-end non-surgical beauty treatment that moves the jaw into an optimal position, significantly improving any facial imbalances. Offering an exclusive alternative to jaw surgery, Face Lift Dentistry uses patented JawTrac® technology to harmonise the jaw’s position.

You may be wondering how this treatment differs from traditional cosmetic dentistry. The main difference is that Face Lift Dentistry produces results very quickly (no wearing braces for 18 months) and does not damage your natural teeth in any way, unlike cosmetic procedures such as veneers that are bonded to filed down stumps of your own teeth. The majority of cosmetic dentistry techniques tend to focus on camouflage, whereas JawTrac® fixes the original source of the problem. Most cosmetic procedures tend to be rather time-consuming and not always long-lasting.

The first step towards your younger face via jaw correction is an initial consultation where your eligibility is determined, your face is examined, and the team will show you an image of what your improved face could look like. At another appointment, x-rays, photos and videos will be taken, and your custom appliance will be created. Your jaw restoration treatment will then be underway, and a plan will be put in place for any further restoration work required to hone your beautiful smile to perfection.

There are an array of health benefits to be expected in addition to a more pleasing aesthetic for yourself

This innovative and completely unique anti-ageing dentistry technique utilises a patented technology, designed based on decades of expert dental experience. The obvious benefits of this non-surgical beauty treatment include the time from consultation to the results (a matter of weeks), long-term change, no drilling, no recovery time, and no risks.

Some of the various health benefits people have experienced following jaw correction include fewer headaches, better sleep quality, improvements in muscle aches such as in the neck, shoulders, and back. These overall health benefits occur because an incorrectly aligned jaw applies additional stress to the jaw muscles and the joint where the upper and lower joint meet (temporomandibular joint). These have a knock-on effect, creating muscle tension and headaches and even migraines. Other benefits of jaw correction include improved ability to chew, breathe, and speak, which subsequently improve digestion, sleep, and confidence. The problem with a misaligned jaw is that it continues to worsen over time, accelerating facial ageing and associated health problems.

A naturally aligned jaw can produce a beautiful, youthful facial profile as well as a stunning smile, coupled with the multiple dental health and overall health benefits, you realise it’s one of the best investments you’ll ever make.