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Level-up your 2021 running game with On

By Tim Stathers  |  January 3, 2021
on cloudflow trainers

We love to run here at LLM HQ so when Swiss brand On got in touch to ask if I wanted to try some of their latest running shoes, naturally I leapt at the chance. A favourite amongst top athletes, ultrarunners and just about anyone who wants to stand-out on the streets, On have dedicated themselves to revolutionising running gear.

From footwear to apparel, On take a meticulous approach to producing innovative clothing which genuinely helps improve performance. There are no gimmicks here, just game-changing designs that take a granular approach to the reinvention of sports apparel. In fact, studies have even proven how runners wearing On trainers experience significantly lower pulse rates and lower blood lactate levels than those in other footwear. It all comes down to On’s unique focus on the way a runner’s feet hit the floor with On shoes specifically designed to provide softer landings and explosive take-offs.

The beauty of On trainers, asides from their beauty, is that they help to make running more accessible for everyone. Lightweight, incredibly comfortable and super-efficient, On running shoes are a brilliant entry point into the world of running, encouraging the wearer to go further for longer.

On Cloudflow trainers review

Perfect for hitting the streets or the gym and a great all-rounder, On’s Cloudflow trainers are arguably the best-looking running shoes you’ll find. Available in 12 different colour combinations, six for men and six for women, these high-performance, lightweight and super comfortable shoes have something of a cult following amongst top athletes, and celebrities too.

on cloudflow trainers
On’s best-selling Cloudflow trainers are the perfect all-rounder for short or long runs around city streets or country lanes.

Built for running but so comfortable you’ll want to wear them all day, Cloudflow trainers feature On’s over-engineered trademark soles with cushioned insoles that are designed to help turn impact into acceleration. Clever design elements like a curved heel unit and slick lace configuration look great, but also combine to offer better grip and all-round support. While little touches like a tongue loop to tuck your laces in highlight how much thought has gone into the ergonomics of this shoe.

I tested the Cloudflow shoes out on a range of short runs and a handful of long runs and couldn’t be more impressed. For short runs of 5-10km they just feel quick. On shoes help to propel you along flat sections, naturally encouraging a fuller, more efficient stride and genuinely giving the feeling of bouncing along on the clouds.

For longer runs, Cloudflow trainers remained comfortable and supportive no matter how much I pushed them. Even on an ultra-marathon through puddles, rain showers and muddy trails they performed, never rubbing or distracting me from the run. Anyone who pushes the distances will know that the best shoe is one you don’t have to think about and On Cloudflow trainers certainly tick that box.

There’s something about these trainers that just makes you want to put them on and get out running. Since having a pair I’ve found myself running more regularly, pushing the distances and feeling more confident in the slippery and wet conditions. If you’re looking to upgrade your current shoe or need a little nudge to get out the door, I can strongly recommend a pair of Cloudflow trainers.

A word on On’s ethics

As running obsessives, it should come as no surprise that On always have one eye on the environmental impact of their work and it’s refreshing to hear that they are actually taking steps to dramatically improve the sustainability of footwear. At a time when as many as 20 billion pairs of shoes are sold every year, most containing non-recyclable materials destined for landfill, On are applying their outside-the-box thinking to create an innovative subscription service they call Circularity.

on cloudflow trainers in Flare Dawn
The Cloudflow collection includes several new colours for 2021, including these eye-catching Cloudflow Flare | Dawn

The concept is pretty simple, even if the journey getting there was anything but. In a nutshell, through Circularity On have developed a way of creating a sustainable supply of fully recyclable footwear that gets delivered to your door, used through its natural life and then returned to On in exchange for a brand new pair.

On receipt of your old trainers, ON grind them down, melt the grinds and reuse 100% of the materials to create a sparkly new pair of running shoes. This evolutionary idea offers a cleaner, zero-waste solution that puts the planet first without compromising on the quality and performance of On’s footwear; that’s something we can all get ‘On’ board with. Find out more about On Circularity.

On running

Running, now more than ever, is a brilliant way to escape the anxiety-inducing digital world with its relentless notifications and the drip-feed of negative news. Whatever your ability or experience, we can’t stress enough the value of getting away from your devices for 30 minutes a day to tune back into your surroundings and put your body through its paces.

Even if you’ve never run before or always told yourself you’re ‘just not a runner’, give it a try – take things slow, keep it comfortable, be patient and build up some tolerance. It’s easy to look at other runners and think they’re finding it easy, but inside everyone is battling with something, or the chances are they wouldn’t be out running.

Browse the full range of On running shoes and apparel on their website: