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Renouvoo launches new online life coach and therapist platform


Luxury Lifestyle Magazine talks with Tess Perran about her goals for new company Renouvoo.

Intro and background

Renouvoo is an exclusive London based personal management service that designs tailor-made strategies to help you succeed in life, love, family and business. French-born founder Tess Perran has worked with a number of London based clients who have very fast-paced lives and all the stresses that come with this type of lifestyle. She aims to remove the stigma around mental health with a private and easy-to-access platform where pre-vetted coaches and therapists are available.

Tell us about Renouvoo

Tess explains: “Working with successful families in London – many having an extraordinary lifestyle – I was on the ‘inside- track’ and I witnessed first-hand how stress related issues impacted the individual and family unit. For the main part, the health and wellbeing of the family was affected negatively.”

Renouvoo aims to make you feel fulfilled in life, love and family

She continues: “I wanted to do something positive to help and offer a unique support system to help change things and take control back. With such busy lives, with little time to spare, flexible online access is an important aspect of our service, as well as delivering best in class service. The system works around the client which is key. We offer easy-access to our professionals via our 24/7 online platform, with flexible scheduling. Clients have a choice of pre-verified professional coaches and therapists. Our rigorous verification of coaches and therapists saves time on endless online searches and gives peace of mind with our qualified, pre-approved professionals. People can have an initial talk about their issue via phone or video call with our coach/therapist and from there they can chose the package of their choice.”

Mental health in the working life

One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point (source HSE: For people running their own businesses and those in the working life, stress can be a big factor.

What is stress?

HSE defines stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them”. Workers feel stress when they can’t cope with pressures and other issues.

Stress affects people differently – what stresses one person may not affect another. Factors like skills and experience, age or disability or just sheer workload may all affect whether a person can cope.

Worrying trend of stress and mental health issues in the workplace

According to figures sourced by the Office for National Statistics, mental health issues in the workplace are showing a worrying increase-trend as recorded across the years between 2012 – 2017.

Registered mental illness cases of working men was 273,000 in 2012 versus 565,000 in 2017 – that’s an increase of 292,000 cases or a 107% increase. For women at work it’s even worse; cases of registered female mental illness was 402,000 in 2012 versus 986,000 in 2017 – that’s a staggering 584,000 new cases registered compared to 2012, which is an increase of 145.27%.

couple using digital tablet
Renouvoo’s expert coaches and therapists specialise in delving deeper into the issues to help guide individuals to a better result.

And remember these statistics are based on people who have reported issues, what about all those who have not sought out help? With their still being a stigma around mental health the figures are likely to be only a small fraction of the real problem as in reality many more people in the workplace will be experiencing mental health and stress related illnesses with no support.

Therapy and coaching can help people to reach their full potential

Good mental health is essential for every individual to function optimally in life and to enjoy a sense of well-being. There are so many factors that can contribute to the decline of mental health but no one really prepares you for it, infact many don’t ever think they will be hit by it. Life can take you by surprise, you can be living the dream one minute then suddenly it can come crashing down on you.

We tend to try and deal with it on our own and bottling things up can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Whether it’s family issues, relationships, stress at work, your business or finances; using therapy or coaching can help people to make big changes within their daily life and achieve goals that may have previously felt unreachable. Combining both therapy and coaching can help people to reach their full potential and give life some direction, whilst also assisting to get to grips with their emotions, relationships and any past trauma they may have experienced.

Tess concludes: “Many of us struggle with life’s issues on our own… the situation sometimes gets worse and stress can leave us unable to function properly and we get stuck in a rut. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With our specialist knowledge and hand-selected experts we can help you to take the control back to realise your dreams. It starts with an initial one-on-one session to explore how it works and how our expert may assist you – many find it a self-realising experience. Once empowered with new knowledge they don’t go around the mountain again and again.”

Renouvoo’s coaches and therapists focus on helping individuals work on themselves to lead them on a better path and to bigger and better things in their lives

Renouvoo offers a range of personalised plans to support and change the outcomes of your life. It’s a very confidential one on one service with tailor-made plans to suit your requirements. You will have access to a dedicated expert to assist you in setting goals, keeping you on-track and holding you accountable.

The company offers one on one tailor-made plans for:

  • Life: planning for success.
  • Relationships: goals, patterns/problems
  • Parenting: goals and support.
  • Business or career-minded individuals who need a plan or a therapist to deal with work related issues.

Visit today to register and access the company’s resident coaches and therapists who are waiting to help you. The first intro session costs just £20. Sessions can be scheduled either online with video calls, face to face in person at your home or Renouvoo’s London-based practice. Each 90 minute session is part of a package and you will gain support and new confidence as you progress through your plan.