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The 6 best premium CBD oils that you can buy in the UK (2020)

By LLM Reporters  |  October 22, 2020

CBD oil has experienced quite the surge in popularity over the past few years, having quickly cemented its status as a household name and a necessity for people suffering from all types of ailments and symptoms – from anxiety and depression to chronic pain and inflammation, and everything in between.

One of a number of cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant – a member of the cannabis sativa family, this legal, non-psychoactive component has been making its way into all manner of different health and wellness products since it first flooded the market several years ago, and can now be found in the likes of everything from soaps and moisturisers to a selection of different snacks and foods. But there is a very good reason that CBD oil itself has remained the most popular choice for those looking to get their dose, since it is the most concentrated way to take CBD and delivers faster and more effective results.

Even so, the prospect of choosing the right CBD oil to add to your health routine can feel like an overwhelming task, and with such a range of strengths, potencies and brands to get your head around, where exactly do you start?

The experts at Naturecan say there are several things we should look out for to ensure that we are getting the most for our money.

“Make sure that the CBD oil you choose is broad spectrum,” Naturecan told us. “This ensures that you can benefit from the ‘entourage effect’ without any risk of psychoactive effects, as the THC has been taken out. Unlike isolated CBD oil, broad spectrum oil not only contains CBD but also multiple other compounds that can work together to produce an ‘entourage effect’ that produces more therapeutic effects than the CBD taken by itself.

“Broad spectrum oils also ensure that there is 0% THC, meaning you will not have to worry about experiencing any unwanted effects as well as having the knowledge that the CBD oil is totally legal in the UK.” 

If it all still sounds like a bit of a minefield, then worry not – because we’ve done the hard work for you and delved deep into the world of high-end luxury offerings to hand-pick the very best premium CBD oils you can buy in the UK today. These six offerings certainly won’t disappoint.

Naturecan 40% CBD Oil

Offering the most diverse product portfolio in the world, Naturecan is a brand that has made delivering the highest quality CBD its mission, and its range includes everything from both low and high-strength oils to skincare, edibles and topicals.

Founded by the former CEO of online sports nutrition giant, MyProtein, its products are tested not once, but seven times to ensure the utmost in quality, and to make certain that they contain no trace of THC – the psycho-active compound found in the hemp plant.

Naturecan is one of the only brands on the market to offer a super high-potency, 40% broad spectrum CBD oil, which is combined with pure, organic MCT carrier oil – and of course, zero THC. Containing multiple cannabinoids, the compound works together to deliver a more effective result, with each component, including all-natural plant terpenes, complementing one another to boost the natural medicinal properties of the oil.

Medterra CBG and CBD Tincture

Providing customers with a true, seed-to-sale experience, Medterra’s industrial hemp is grown and extracted in accordance to strict guidelines in Kentucky, USA – with each and every product third-party tested to ensure quality and consistency.

The brand is currently working in partnership with the Hemp Pilot Research Programme, and its team have dedicated their lives to industrial farming methodologies and food-grade compound extraction.

Its unique, 1:1 blend of CBG and CBD combines two powerful cannabinoids – pairing cannabigerol – a key wellness component of the hemp plant – with better-known CBD for improved effectiveness and results.

Bud and Tender 20% CBD Oil

UK-based Bud and Tender specialises in researching, developing and producing high-quality CBD cannabis supplements on home soil, offering products backed by medical science, technology, and of course, passion.

Its 20% CBD oil possesses a light, fruity and floral taste derived from 100% natural ingredients. A premium, broad-spectrum product containing a variety of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids which work synergistically to deliver a greater impact, it’s one of the best options on the market for UK buyers.


CBII prides itself on its range of natural, botanical, full-spectrum CBD oils, which are sourced and extracted in Switzerland in the gentlest way possible to protect the full integrity of the oil. The brand ensures that its practices are gentle on the environment and 100% carbon neutral, which demonstrates its commitment to ethical and green production methods.

Its 5% oil is a gentle formula that can be taken throughout the day to ease milder symptoms, and is the perfect partner for those suffering from stress and anxiety and who are in need of a little pick-me-up.

George Botanicals CBD Raspberry Flavoured Oil Drops (5%)

Of course, not everyone requires a high strength dose of CBD oil, and those suffering with milder symptoms may wish to start on 5% potency, which is the general industry standard – and work their way up if necessary.

Another home-grown brand, George Botanicals is based in the UK, with all of its products tested thoroughly by Phytovista Laboratories for quality, and each one compliant to industry standards and regulations.

Its 5% raspberry-flavour CBD oil drops are blended with 500mg pure CBD raspberry flavouring per 10ml bottle, and can be added to food or drink for a novel way to consume.

Four Five CBD 2000mg CBD Oil

Four Five’s 2000mg CBD oil is made with 100% natural, vegan and vegetarian-friendly ingredients, and is specifically designed for those with busy and active lifestyles who are looking for a supplement that will help them to keep up.

Presented in a spray bottle for easy application on the go, it’s a potent formula that is easy to deliver doses from on the go, and features a pleasant orange flavour that makes it one of the most palatable oils out there. It’s also 100% herbicide and pesticide free – so no need to worry about any of those chemical nasties.