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5 luxurious bathroom colour schemes that will stand the test of time

By LLM Reporters on 10th July 2020

When it comes to creating a beautiful bathroom, the general rule of thumb when it comes to colour schemes is keeping it simple. For the past couple of decades, it’s been all about clean whites and creams and simple neutrals for a sophisticated, minimalistic feel – and, with many of us still not quite over the avocado bathroom suites of the 70s, it’s just as well.

In 2020 though, it could finally be time to start moving away from the safe option and injecting a bit of colour back into your bathroom. But before you panic, hear us out; we’re not talking an everything-in-one-colour set up, but a far more subtle approach. Some of the world’s leading interior designers have shown signs of a slow transition back towards the use of colour, introducing simple accents to mix things up a bit and create interest and glamour.

Not convinced? Read on to find out which colour schemes could transform your bathroom this year – you might be surprised at how much you love them. And best of all? They are all future proof combinations that are guaranteed to stand the test of time – unlike those avocado suites we mentioned earlier.

Black and white

Interior of white and black modern bathroom

Although not strictly involving ‘colour’, adding a little black to your white bathroom is guaranteed to create an opulent yet edgy feel. As in most areas of life, you can’t go wrong with monochrome – but the key here is in achieving the right balance between the two.

A timeless combination that became popular during the Art Deco period, today’s black and white bathroom feels thoroughly modern. Keep it simple with black and white tiles for the floor and walls – choose an eye-catching pattern for the former, and keep the latter pared down to avoid overkill. Add some gold fixtures and fittings and a beautiful gilded mirror to finish.

Earthy greens


A far cry from the green bathrooms of times gone by – which no doubt, we’d all rather forget – in 2020, it’s all about earthy tones combined with off-whites to create a subtle effect and a calming feel.

The Dulux muted greens colour family features a range of subtle tones, from the pale and serene Willow Tree to much richer and darker Highland Green.

This colour scheme lends itself incredibly well to plants, so choose some house plants that thrive in humid environments and place on shelves, dressers or on the floor to add interest. Bringing the outdoors indoors will create an utterly calming feel, and a sanctuary in which you’ll love to luxuriate in a long, hot bath. Finish with accessories and bath towels in slightly contrasting shades to add an extra layer of aesthetic appeal.

Blue and yellow

If you feel like being a little braver, a bold blue and yellow colour scheme is a great way to inject a little life into your bathroom. Opt for a serene ocean blue as the lead colour, and combine with subtle yellow accents such as accessories or bath towels.

For a warmer scheme, flip things on their head and try a pale yellow with accents in navy blue.

If it all feels a little overwhelming, then the two will also work well combined with whites and creams to break them up a bit and will add pops of colour where you want them.

Mochas and neutrals

For a more pared down approach to colour, mochas and neutral shades can work well, adding warmth to a space that might otherwise feel stark and clinical. Combining a range of different tones, from light to dark, can work well, and perfectly complement wooden floors in more traditional bathrooms. Set against a backdrop of a simple cream or white shade, it’s a match made in heaven. Blocks of colour can help to add interest by highlighting different elements of your bathroom so try rich mochas or espressos.



The interiors trend that just won’t go away, grey has now made its way into the bathroom – going where shades like this have never gone before. Chic and utterly modern, combining different shades of grey can create a sophisticated yet somehow industrial feel, lending itself well to pendant lights and geometric tile patterns.

Try a lighter shade on the walls and floor and go darker with vanities, sinks and other fixtures and fittings to avoid creating an atmosphere that is too dark or oppressive. And avoid in bathrooms where there is little natural light.