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5 simple ways to bring luxury to your bedroom

We often see bedrooms on Instagram that look incredibly luxurious, and we wonder how they’ve made their bedroom so insanely elegant without having had a complete renovation.

If you love your current bedroom, and you don’t fancy changing the entire colour scheme or flooring, but still want to add a little extra luxury to your bedroom, then follow these 5 tips:

Statement pieces

Statement pieces are an easy thing to incorporate into your bedroom, and will provide maximum impact with minimal work. An oversized headboard, an ottoman or floor lamp are always winners. However, if you haven’t got enough floor space for a chaise longue a large plant, or similar, then it might be worth investing in a statement piece that can be hung up, such as a gigantic mirror or art work.

We all enjoy the luxury of a five-star hotel bedroom

Hanging lights

You can get some beautiful chandeliers which would really add a bit of glitz and glamour to your bedroom. However, if you’re interested in purchasing a hanging light that isn’t quite so over the top or will fit better with lower ceilings, then you’ll be able to find smaller shades that will still be able to bring luxury to the bedroom.

Whether you want a lightshade with hanging diamantes or even a mirrored shade, to reflect the light and make the bedroom seem bigger – upgrading your light will certainly add a spot of elegance.

A comfortable bed

Investing in a king-size sleigh bed, which looks both luxurious and comfortable is key to making any bedroom give off 5* hotel vibes. They can fit with both traditional and modern bedrooms and are usually made from velvet or fabric.

Check out this Happy Beds’ blog on the benefits of sleigh beds.

Investing in a king-size sleigh bed, which looks both luxurious and comfortable is key to making any bedroom give off 5* hotel vibes

Get rid of clutter

Ensure that your bedroom is completely free of mess, as having a load of clutter really doesn’t scream out luxury. I mean, we are all guilty of leaving our clothes out every once in a while, but bothering to put stuff away will actually make the room look a lot better.

Big curtains

In order to keep our bedrooms dark during the night, it is important to invest in curtains or black-out blinds to ensure that your body produces melatonin – something our bodies need to help us relax.

Having big, thick curtains that drape along the floor will really add decadence to the bedroom, and make the bedroom seem like it is suited for a king or queen. These are a staple for anyone that is looking to add a touch of elegance to a bedroom.