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6 top tips to add value to your luxury home

Nice exterior of luxoury home taken at sunset with hot tub

Your home is your castle and, for some, that could be more literal than you’d think. Luxury properties are on the rise and for those with a bit of imagination, the opportunity to turn your home into something completely bespoke and utterly enticing is completely within grasp.

Read on to discover the top six things we recommend considering for your home that will add value and make your property stand out from the crowd.

A swimming pool

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Whilst not completely unique to properties throughout the UK, there are so many opportunities to make yours different. Whether it’s an indoor pool with sauna, or an outdoor, heated pool, buyers simply can’t resist the novelty of a home with swimming facilities. Why not up the ante by adding a poolside bar or a stunning summer house, where guests can change and slip into robes and slippers you’ve left out for them, spa-style?

If you design your own pool, you can plan something that fits around your needs, such as, if you have children and need easier access and safety features, or you want it to incorporate the style or materials from your favourite holiday destination. Custom built pools such as those crafted by Niveko Pools incorporate the latest technologies and can be designed to perfectly suit your style and desires. Adding lights to the pool will give avid swimmers the option of taking a dip at night and will provide an atmospheric glow should you choose to have an al-fresco meal by the pool. Indoor pools with feature lighting create the ideal opportunity for relaxation.

Home security

home surveillance

When you are pouring money into your home and paying such great attention to detail, there is no doubt that you will want to protect what you have built with all of your might. Whether you are concerned about intruders while you are holed up on some luxury island, or worse, when you are at home, you need not concern yourself anymore.

When making your home secure from break-ins, it is important to know what attracts burglars to homes in the first place as you can then use this information to plan the best security set up for you. Get the professionals in to set you up with a range of state-of-the-art security features, including cameras, motion detectors, lighting features and sounds systems and you should never fear a break in again.

A walk-in wardrobe

Modern wooden wardrobe

As the expression goes – ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. Walk-in wardrobes are essential for anyone who loves to be organised or who lives at such a fast pace that they need everything to be easily accessible when they’re on the go. By working with a bespoke wardrobe manufacturer, you’ll be able to create something that, not only ticks the boxes when it comes to your own storage needs, but that will appeal to any future buyer. From colour coordinating your wardrobe, through to having an area completely dedicated to accessories, nowadays the possibilities are endless.

Perhaps having a dressing room with a light-up mirror would be beneficial so you can have a bit of alone time whilst getting ready. Maybe you have a designer watch collection that you’d like to be stored in such a way that it doubles up as a display cabinet that you can pick and choose from as you get dressed. If you detest shoe boxes then incorporate clever shoe storage solutions into your wardrobe. Choose backlights and spotlights to draw the eye towards your belongings and make a feature out of them.

A wine cellar

Bottles of different wines

A must-have for any oenophiles out there. Adding a wine cellar to your home requires a lot of thought. Where you have it is the first thing to consider. Maybe you don’t have an actual cellar and want it to be more of a display piece. Then you need to think about temperature and humidity control and storing different bottle shapes and sizes. If you’re a collector of expensive or rare wines, you should take security into consideration too. Mix the old with the new by contrasting deep mahogany and exposed brickwork with LED backlighting and metallic racking. A home with a wine cellar will add that level of chic that will surely prompt a bidding war upon selling.

An entertainment room

soundproof home theater in home cellar with clean canvas

This is a room where big kids can escape real life and immerse themselves in a plethora of activities. Whether you’re an avid film buff who wants nothing more than to sit in your own cinema, with popcorn trolley on standby, or you love trying to beat your highest score at bowling by incorporating a custom alley and personalised bowling balls, this is the room where anything is possible. Add in a pool table and retro arcade games and you’ve got something for everyone. A room where you can entertain friends is a really appealing feature and will undoubtedly add value to your home over time.


Smart home digital thermostat

Smart homes are becoming incredibly popular. Electronic blinds, alarm clocks, heating systems you can control from your phone and voice activated lighting and appliances are just a few of the gadgets that people expect to find within a property these days. The reason why – people like being able to simplify things for their own convenience. Not only are gadgets in vogue right now, they really enable you to de-clutter your life.

Motion sensors on taps and the kitchen bin prevent the spread of germs, while Sonos systems permit you to listen to music throughout the house. With the invention of ‘intelligent toilets’, the sky is the limit when it comes to smart technology. The Numi 2.0 features an automated lid, seat and feet warmers, with voice control built in and ambient panel lighting. In-built gadgets will undeniably add value to your property, as long as they are kept updated and well maintained.

If you have a futuristic and ‘smart’ home with loads of unique features, but are unable to find the right buyer, why not consider a quick cash buyer? They can offer you a fair cash sum and a completion date to suit you. So, if you want to sell your house fast, without the fuss of the open market, you could find a buyer for your property, who will factor in all of its unique features and potential.