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5 ways to transform your interiors with minimal effort

By LLM Reporters on 4th March 2021

Decorating your home can feel like one of those never-ending endeavours. The minute you put the paint down or hang wallpaper you wonder if it’s truly the perfect tone or pattern, the one-off occasional chair you buy in that fanciful fabric or the unique side table that you fell in love with can struggle to find their true place in your home. And, if you’re like many people, you may just get the perfect on-trend set up but get bored with it after a year or two.

If this sounds like an interiors issue that you have suffered with then we have the perfect solution – five in fact. Often a room that we feel isn’t working for us aesthetically just needs a minor adjustment or two, so read on for some of the ways in which you can make a room feel brand new without having to overhaul the whole thing.

Consider changing up your curtains or try a new layout and you may be surprised at how different the whole room looks


If you feel like one or more of the rooms in your home needs a makeover, then get decluttering. Often the biggest problem is that there is a little too much going on, so clear the space away and see what you are working with. Though you may have collected some wonderful treasures over the years, don’t be tempted to pile them all into your reception rooms to showcase them, spread your treasures around your home and give them a new lease of life elsewhere.

If you have some shelves that are crammed with books or other collectables, then perhaps it’s time to have a clear out and share the love with others. You can always donate what you don’t need to charity and let someone else enjoy what you’ve already read. Alternatively consider storing any treasured items away and get someone to build you some cabinets to hide away the clutter a little better.

Create a feature wall

An obvious way to create a change that is instantly noticeable is to add new life to one feature wall. Whether this is with a coat or two of paint, an eye-catching wallpaper design, wall covering or a wall boasting an array of images or artworks, it takes very little effort here to make quite an impact. If you’re opting for a change in colour, make sure the tone complements the colours elsewhere in the space, and the same goes for any new patterns that are introduced within the wallpaper and artworks. The idea here is to make a small change, so don’t give yourself too much extra work.

A feature wall is a great way to add another creative dimension to a room

Make more of the window

Are your curtains or blinds looking a little lacklustre? Your window might just be the area that needs the makeover, so consider how you can upgrade it to complete the designer look of the room. You always want to ensure that people can’t easily see in and that you are letting enough natural light in, so bear this is mind when choosing your window coverings. Get creative with the pattern, texture and material of curtains and make sure this complements other elements in the room or stay sleek with blinds and add a window seat or pop a reading chair by the window to make the most of the space.

Change up the flooring

Often all it takes is changing just one part of the room to make it appear completely different, and possibly the least simple, but most effective is the flooring. The idea of removing all furniture and having new flooring put in may not seem like a quick change up, but any decent professional will have the work done for you efficiently and with as little disruption as possible.

Quality flooring that runs throughout will make quite the impact

Wood flooring is all the rage at the moment, especially when taken through multiple rooms on the same level and engineered wood flooring is a favourite of ours. It is a very popular type of real wood due to its many benefits, from its stability to its ability to provide an authentic texture and warmth of wood.

Create a different layout

Sometimes it really is the simplest of things that can make a difference, so before you go too big with your plans, try moving the furniture around and create a different layout, you will be amazed at how different the room feels and it will be the most commented on change by anyone who visits. Bring a piece of furniture or two from another room and see what changes you can make without having to do very much at all.