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7 key things to consider when buying a top-quality mattress

By LLM Reporters  |  October 6, 2020

Nothing rejuvenates the body and mind after a gruelling day than sleeping on a sumptuous mattress that makes you feel as if you’re floating on cloud nine. Time stands still, your stress is instantly relieved and in that moment you realise that every penny spent on buying your top of the range mattress was well worth it.

At least you hope this will be the case when you’ve decided that your old mattress has had it and it’s time to invest in a new one. Mattresses can be a tricky buy and there are quite a few factors to take into consideration before you make your purchase. It can be difficult to tell whether what you’re buying is worth the cost, but a reputable company with a reputation for creating excellent quality mattresses is always a good place to start.

Of course, the whole set up of your bedroom, your location, behaviour, and health concerns all factor in to whether you get that coveted perfect night’s sleep each evening, but a great mattress will be the undoing even if all other obstacles are overcome.

Head in store to discover the options available to you

The bare minimum of knowing the true worth of a mattress is how comfortable it is and ensuring that it’s made from top-quality materials. But how do you know what you’re buying is going to be right for you? We’ve set out some simple steps that you can take to make sure you grab that perfect mattress for endless sleep-filled nights.

See it for yourself

One top tip for when you intend on buying a quality mattress is that you head into the store and see the different options for yourself. This is the best way to gauge if you are the buying the right product for you. Though online purchases are so much more convenient, being able to see and feel the mattress can be beneficial if you just can’t make up your mind. It will provide the perfect opportunity to briefly test it out in person as you will know straight away if it’s too soft or firm for your liking.

Check the height of a mattress

We’ve all had those unfortunate nights where a pull-out bed is our only option and one sighting of the mattress fills us with the realisation that a restful sleep could be far from reality. But why is this often the case? The mattresses are so thin! Switch up this view to that of a five-star hotel room bed and you will easily be able to imagine a luxuriously thick offering that no doubt always has you drifting off into dreamland with ease.

The higher the mattress is, the more comfort it will provide as it will be able to offer a more even distribution of your weight, so bear this in mind when searching for that perfect buy.

Material, height and firmness are all important factors when buying the perfect mattress for you

Mattress firmness

The perfect mattress should offer the utmost support for your back and you shouldn’t be able to feel any pressure, but that doesn’t mean a soft option is always the right one. Lighter people will find that a firm mattress doesn’t offer as much movement as they need, while side sleepers will need a softer option too as they can best accommodate the shoulders and hips. You will have an idea of what works best with you from previous mattresses so go with what feels comfortable and supportive for you.

Mattress type

Some shoppers simply opt for the most expensive mattresses because they feel this will offer the best quality, and though this may be true you should consider that the inner workings will affect your slumber greatly.

Memory foam is a great choice for comfort as it provides good contour, however, if you run hot already, it is likely that you’ll wake up feeling rather warm in the night. If this isn’t an issue for you then try gel infused memory foam options, which can provide extra support and responsiveness. Traditional coil mattresses are more cooling, meaning they are better at keeping your temperature regulated and they offer good bounce, while being durable too. Of course, there’s always the hybrid option so you can have the best of both worlds.

The way the mattress is covered

Most people mainly focus on the material inside, which isn’t wrong, but it’s also important to check the outer layer. Feel the cover of the mattress to judge its worth – a light mattress cover means a more breathable mattress that will prevent your temperature soaring during the night while a thicker covering indicates that it is of lower quality.

The perfect mattress should offer the utmost support for your back and you shouldn’t be able to feel any pressure

Try before you buy

If you’re a keen traveller and love staying in five-star hotels, then you will have a good idea of the high level of comfort that these establishments aim to provide for their guests. Pillow menus and a turndown service are a minimum, while top-quality bedding and bed dressings aim to create that all-round experience. Most will provide a cosy mattress topper and layers of deluxe bedding to ensure you have the best night’s sleep and if you find yourself wowed with the sleep you’ve experienced then you can always enquire about the make of the mattress and make your purchase based on this ability to try before you buy.

The mattress company’s promise

A good company will be able to provide you with a lengthy trial period and a substantial guarantee too so keep an eye out for this when browsing. You should expect that a good quality offering will last for 10 years and many companies should be able to offer this type of guarantee as a standard. A trial period is ideal too as sleeping on your mattress is the only way to truly know if it’s the right one for you and though it may seem bothersome if you need to send it back, it will be worth it to find the perfect option for you to give you those blissful endless dream-filled nights.