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A little luxury for your outside space

By LLM Reporters on 31st March 2019

When you finally have a meets your luxury specifications, you may feel as if it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your opulent surroundings – and you wouldn’t be far wrong.

But if you’ve yet to turn your attention to your outdoor space, then there’s no time to rest on your laurels just yet, as bringing your exteriors into line with your interiors will be the icing on the cake and put the finishing touches on your dream home.

Whether you’re a lover of wide open space with some delicately planted borders, or prefer a more landscaped approach to your garden with some manicured shrubs and trees, there are plenty of little luxurious touches you can add to make your summer evenings al fresco all the more pleasurable.

Here are our top tips for transforming your outdoor space with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment at the end of it.

Garden Furniture

Invest in quality designer garden furniture

The days of sitting on high-backed, wrought iron chairs or cheap plastic offerings are long gone, and to match your sophisticated abode, your outside furniture should be every bit as comfortable as the sofas in your living area. Investing in a little bit of comfort will serve you well for the summer ahead, so consider a stylish rattan set teamed with sumptuously soft cushions for elegance and luxury combined.

Choose furniture that can be moved into different configurations for outside dining or transformed into a daybed for perfect relaxation, and you’ll have a versatile and functional set-up that will suit every social situation, too.

If you’re planning on entertaining outside on a regular basis then you might want to have an outside kitchen installed, too. One step up from your average BBQ, a kitchen area comes with the benefit of running water and a food preparation area. Your food will be right at hand whenever you need it, saving the hassle of having to run back and forth from the house.

Designer Touches

Consider giving over some of your garden to a water space

Although you won’t find a gnome or novelty ornament within a hundred miles of a luxury garden, there are still some clever touches that can add interest and intrigue, and even encourage the odd visit from wildlife. Consider giving over some of your garden to a water space; with some clever lighting and natural landscaping, your pond can become a calming and beautiful feature. Look to Swell UK for inspiration.

Lighting is another feature that can add elegance to your outside scheme. You might even combine light and warmth with an outside heater lamp, that stands tall and casts heat out as well as light over your guests.

Lighting across your garden will help highlight the areas you want to be seen, acting as a clever architectural aid. It will also help in keeping your property secure, especially if you add some movement sensitive lighting that will help deter unwanted visitors to your garden.

If you want a garden you can be proud of and enjoy those long summer evenings spent entertaining and relaxing, then have a professional design it to suits your style and personality and incorporates all those little touches that make a lovely garden unique.

Treat yourself to landscaped areas that tick all the right boxes and you’ll be off to a flying start – it’s an ongoing task, but making your garden an extension of your inside space is an investment in time and money that’s well worthwhile making.

Cast your designer eye over your outside space today and start plotting a garden to be proud of.