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Adding a touch of luxury to your home – minimal effort required


They say than home is where the heart is, but wherever you live tends to be the place you spend the majority of your time. Making your private space feel like your own can make staying in that bit more enjoyable, and a sophisticated set-up you’re proud of can make for a great setting for inviting round guests.

Adding a touch of luxurious flare to your home has never been easier, and the great news is, you don’t have to spend long hours working on it. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite simple tips to add a dash of something special, taking your home from zero to hero in a matter of minutes.


The key to a luxurious home is not always about spending a fortune on opulent pieces of furniture that barely leave room for anything else. Less, as they say, is more, and a minimalistic approach to household accessories will give you a clean and sophisticated place to relax. Try to pe purposeful with the space you have, and stick to a few carefully chosen accents to add just the right amount of character. Going overboard can leave your home feeling cluttered and claustrophobic – the opposite of what you’re hoping to achieve.

A high quality rug can easily add a touch of luxury to your home


If you’re giving your home a revamp, a good declutter is the perfect place to start. Say goodbye to those knick-knacks and trinkets you’ve been hoarding for years, and be prepared to part with bulky pieces of furniture that are well past their best.

Instead, opt for statement pieces that give each room a clear identity – for a really opulent feel, try placing some beautiful Persian rugs in your living area, or choose a striking chaise lounge to take pride of place.

Work in Threes

Believe it or not, things are best when they are placed in threes. If you have three decorative glass bottles placed around a room, then try arranging them together to create a more interesting and eye-catching feature. Accent them with some other smaller pieces such as miniature succulent pots or frames to add interest – but be sure to remember that minimalist approach.

If you have some pillows on your sofa, try and place them in threes, too – doing so will make your living room look organised and well put-together.

Once you’ve made a few small tweaks to your existing décor, take a step back and try using your sense of perception to figure out how the room feels. It’ll help you to work out where things may need adding or taking away – so you can get things looking ‘just so’.

Less, as they say, is more, and a minimalistic approach to household accessories will give you a clean and sophisticated place to relax

Update your Windows

Windows might be the last thing that springs to mind when it comes to adding that luxury feel to your home, but framing them well with some tailor-made curtains or stylish blinds can make all the difference to the overall feel.

Opt for high-end fabrics and neutral tones and you can completely transform the room.

Choose lighter shades to keep things bright and airy, and if you have high ceilings, make sure that your curtains are long enough so that they don’t cut off the room.  This is a fantastic way for you to make the most out of the space you have, and effective at pulling the whole room together.