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Creating a luxury kitchen, with no expenses spared

Often considered to be the heart of the home, the ideal kitchen needs to be both beautiful and highly functional if it’s going to inspire you and those who visit your home.

If you’ve been daydreaming about how your ideal kitchen would potentially look like, then why not treat yourself to a new design? From bespoke cabinetry to elegant seating, creating a luxury kitchen can be somewhat expensive, yet if it truly is the heart of your home, then improving this space may be necessary and all the expenses will be entirely worth it.

In order to design your ideal luxury kitchen without any unnecessary stresses, we have designed a list of the essential steps you should take if you wish to create the perfect space to whip up your signature dishes.

Be inspired

Every great idea starts with a spark of inspiration — what designs have inspired you? If you haven’t found your ideal design, then take your time now to research and decide what you love and hate.

A great way of discovering exactly what you want for your kitchen is by creating mood boards on Pinterest. With an array of images available that will help guide you, finding your ideal style has never been easier or quicker.

Often considered to be the heart of the home, the ideal kitchen needs to be both beautiful and highly functional if it’s going to inspire you and those who visit your home

Choosing a style

This is perhaps the most difficult step, as there are endless styles to choose from. However, whether you decide to use marble to create a timeless elegance or opt for a more contemporary feel, the choice is ultimately yours.

Finding a style for your kitchen can be an intimidating task and quite often you’ll be influenced by the existing style of your home, however, don’t feel as if you have to be bound by this — after all, it is your luxury kitchen and you should indulge whatever you’re coveting.

Consider your materials

Regardless of the design you choose, make sure that you pick materials that will age well over time.

The last thing you need when you’re designing the luxury kitchen of your dreams is to use materials that will not hold the test of time — always remember that you want your kitchen to be breathtaking in five or ten years.

A major element in any kitchen is the quality of the cabinetry and this is a detail that you need to pick wisely so that it can stay elegant as the years go by. We think that the cabinetry by RTA cabinets is classic and easy to assemble, therefore the perfect option for your luxury kitchen.

Whether your design style is contemporary, modern or traditional, you can create a luxury kitchen from an endless list of possibilities

Be smart about your space

Deciding how you will place the kitchen is perhaps the most important question you will have to ask yourself during the process, as it can ultimately determine whether your design will be a success or not.

Are you using the existing space or have you decided to create an extension? If you are struggling with the answer, then bring in your designer as they can advise on what the best options are.

Before deciding, make sure you’ve looked at all the possible placements and whether it will work with how you plan on using this space.

Think practicality

A major detail to consider is the appliances that you’ll use — think about what dishwashers, cookers, wine

Do you need a larger storage space like a larder or a freezer? Perhaps you would like to switch from a gas cooker to an electric one for more convenience? Regardless of what you choose, make sure to consider the space you have and if you truly need it.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home

Finishing touches

Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the details as this can change dramatically change the final look of your design.

Think about the little things that you notice in second place, such as the cabinetry handles, taps and the lighting — all key to transforming your kitchen into a luxury space.

Remember that planning ahead will save you plenty of time and headaches, and if you follow our tips you’ll swiftly create the luxury kitchen of your dreams.