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Creating a luxury living space: How fabulous fabrics can transform your home

By LLM Reporters  |  October 13, 2020

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home or are looking to upgrade your current one, few things are more exciting than giving your space a luxury makeover and using your own tastes and designs skills to bring your vision to life.

While many people choose to get the interior designers in when it comes to giving their homes a new look, for others, it’s a chance to exercise their creative flair, and choosing your own fabrics, furniture, fixtures and fittings can be an all-round satisfying experience when it comes to unveiling the end result.

Yorkshire based company the Yorkshire Fabric Shop has been helping both budding and experienced interior designers to transform their living spaces into the lap of luxury for over five years now, and knows the importance of the finer details. From curtains to upholstery fabrics, furnishing fabrics to Roman blinds, this northern specialist doesn’t just supply some of the finest fabrics in the country, but lives and breathes them, too – and with its beautiful range of quality choices, it’s not hard to see why.

“At the Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we’re a company that lives and breathes fabrics all day, every day,” says Jay Soni.

“We go the extra mile to source some of the most beautiful upholstery fabrics in the world from across the globe, which allows us to offer the most extensive range of upholstery and furnishing fabrics that you can find online – as well as in our fabric mill shop in Yorkshire.”

Serving local, national and international customers alike, the company has won itself a legion of loyal fans who are forever returning to them for the latest and greatest fabrics to create that luxury feel at home. With a warehouse that is perpetually packed with fabrics that are suitable for everything from sofas, chairs and cushions to curtains, beds and just about everything else, there are thousands of fabrics in shop at any given time – which means fast and efficient deliveries to customers, wherever they happen to be.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has been helping both budding and experienced interior designers to transform their living spaces into the lap of luxury for over five years

During the current pandemic and recent lockdowns, more people were finding themselves at home and at a loose end than ever, making it the perfect time to give living rooms, bedrooms and other key rooms within the home that long anticipated transformation – and the fact that the company provides fabrics online ensured that they were accessible throughout.

Buying online can be a risky business – particularly if you’ve never seen a specific fabric first-hand, but the Yorkshire Fabric Shop has come up with a solution to ensure that its customers are never disappointed and won’t need to go through a bothersome returns process, either. Before committing, they can request samples to be sent to them, so that they know exactly what they will be getting should they decide to buy.

For local customers, it’s more of a hands-on experience, with prospective buyers invited to come along to the company’s warehouse to view and feel fabrics for themselves. If you’re looking to create a luxury feel in your home, not much could be worse than a rough or scratchy fabric, and soft, tactile pieces of furniture are the way to go. So, if you’re thinking of re-upholstering that vintage chair, then bear this in mind.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop serve customers from right across the globe

Whilst choosing your colour schemes and doing the painting and decorating might seem like the most important elements of transforming a room, the fun starts with the furnishings, and is the part most creative home owners look forward to the most. To ensure that your furnishings do the talking and say all of the right things to your guests, remember the mantra that less is always more. A room that is overcrowded with sofas, chairs and chests of drawers can soon begin to look too busy or cluttered and will instantly detract from the lavish feel you’re looking to create, so be prepared to keep things simple.

Soni says: “Opting for a simple and more pared down colour scheme on the walls – think light colours and neutrals – gives you the perfect opportunity to make a statement with your furnishings. If you have an old chaise-lounge or reading chair you’d like to upgrade, then breathe some new life into it by choosing a bright and beautiful fabric to reupholster it with. Choose some contrasting tactile fabrics for your cushions to finish, and you’ll have created a sumptuous feature that will impress your visitors from the word go.”