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Embracing your dark side: Timber garden rooms

By LLM Reporters on 11th November 2019

As the clocks go back and the winter season approaches, it is time to start thinking about the bewitching, bolder side of life. Consider bringing a touch of drama to your home with a nod to all things dark and mysterious.

Dark paint has a bad reputation when it comes to timber extensions. Traditionally, those renovating or extending their homes would avoid using dark coloured paint on timber at all costs. With its tendency to absorb more UV rays than lighter colours, it peels from excessive sun exposure and structural movement.

What’s more, if timber joints move together, the outer layers of the paint can peel and crack, allowing water to seep into the structure and cause swelling. To save themselves from costly and regular maintenance paint jobs further down the line, most homeowners stay safe and choose classic white or magnolia shades – or they reject the timeless elegance and charm of beautifully crafted timber all together with a uPVC product instead.

Thankfully, specialist designers have changed all that. By combining a revolutionary engineered timber with an innovative paint system, the experts have ensured that their customers never have to worry about peeling and cracking. All you have to do is pick the colour you love most.

Innovative designs that prevent peeling paint

If you have your heart set on a dark coloured garden room or orangery, look for an expert who crafts their extensions from a revolutionary engineered timber called Accoya, which is a robust and durable building material. Created by a non-toxic, environmentally friendly process called acetylation, Accoya resists rot, defies the elements and gives unprecedented durability. With a 50-year lifespan, Accoya will not twist or swell over time, meaning that glazed extensions remain stable with no movement. It is CO² negative throughout its entire life cycle and sourced from fast-growing FSC certified Radiata pine.

Then, your extension should be spray-applied with three coats of Teknos, which is a water-based, low-gloss, microporous paint product that creates a barrier over the timber. Your elegant extension will be protected against weather conditions, mould and UV damage with an impressive 12-year paint life. Test evaluations back these findings, and have determined that the unique combination of this particular paint and Accoya results in a complete absence of joint movement, therefore significantly extending the paint life even more. Teknos paint also contains more pigment content than standard high street brands, making jet-blacks, dark plums, midnight-blues and dark pewters a realistic option for your garden room or orangery.

A rising trend for dark, bold colours

It seems that homeowners are jumping at the opportunity to embrace these dark tones. “We’ve seen a huge increase in clients opting for darker shades of paint for the external joinery of their glazed extensions. There is no doubt that black is the new white. This new trend is hardly surprising when you see the impact these dramatic garden rooms and orangeries can have on a property!” explains Jonathan Hey, founder and director of Westbury Garden Rooms.

Why choose dark colours?

Sometimes, it is hard to put your finger on why a property stands out so much, but if a structure catches your eye, it is likely to display design unity, which is a classic architectural concept. All the elements of a building work together harmoniously, incorporating order, proportion, hierarchy, balance, and scale. Everything from the size of the doors to the roof lantern style will ultimately define the look and character of a new extension, so the colour should perfectly complement the style of your home.

Depending on your property, it could be that a black garden room or orangery looks better with your home’s style. Many homeowners are finding that black joinery effortlessly blends in with a range of architectural styles, from minimal, urban buildings to period properties in the country. Darker shades make a garden room or orangery stand out for all the right reasons, creating contrast and definition. Dark joinery shows off the fine lines and architectural shape of the structure, enhancing its depth to create a contemporary look.

You will find that in bright sunshine, even the darker shades will take on a completely different tone, which can ebb and wane as the light outside changes. By choosing blacks or charcoal greys over whites or magnolias for the exterior joinery, you can instantly turn your extension into a showstopper.

If you love the idea of a dark-coloured garden room or orangery extension that perfectly complements your property, then embrace this bold trend and get in touch with the team at Westbury Garden Rooms to discuss your extension project in more detail. If you would like to see their quality artisanship for yourself, then you can arrange a visit to their showroom in Essex or London. Contact Westbury Garden Rooms.