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Energise your home with terracotta tiles in 3 easy steps

By LLM Reporters  |  June 25, 2020
terracotta tiles flooring

If you think the time has come to give your home a much-needed revamp, bringing the décor to a more modern level while ultimately providing a statement look to your inside space, then look no further.

When it comes to creating an energetic atmosphere, or in some cases a statement setting in the home; naturally, the majority of the people tend to focus on the walls, furniture, and other fixtures. The efforts usually result in painting the walls in vibrant or contrasting colours, putting up a few frames, or hanging a very vibrant lamp, and so on. However, this way of redecoration often contrasts with the approach of a modern home design, which is to streamline everything to create a minimalist atmosphere.

One ingenious way that can satisfy the demands of both sides – creating a statement while keeping everything streamlined – is to use terracotta tiles. They are vibrant, perfect to create a unique composition, and offer the timeless essence of elegance and style.

terracotta tiles flooring
Terracotta tiles have been reinvented by the use of modern ceramic manufacturing techniques

A common fixture in many Mediterranean homes, terracotta tiles have been reinvented by the use of modern ceramic manufacturing techniques and can now offer the added ruggedness of porcelain stoneware tiles.

If you are looking to incorporate this luxurious flooring into your home, then read on for the three elements to consider in order to achieve a modern look using these traditional Mediterranean tiles.

Consider your home spaces

Tiles are made from porcelain stoneware making them less prone to wear, while also requiring less effort in terms of ongoing maintenance, which makes them the ideal choice for your home makeover.

Versatile and welcoming, terracotta tiles blend well with any overall setup of your home, regardless of whether you have a contemporary or traditional house design to begin with. The versatility of these tiles means that they can be placed in a great variety of places in your home, from a busy kitchen space or front porch and hallway to serene bathroom floors, fireplace surrounds, or even walls.

terracotta tiles flooring
The warm, unfussy texture can certainly provide a statement look

Using these tiles in your home can create a very welcoming atmosphere with their warm, yet unfussy texture and will certainly provide the statement look you desire.

Come up with a design

With the availability of a great range of collections, you can choose tiles that boast a wide variety of colours and textures to suit your home’s style. The colour wheels include everything from light and grey to umber and rosy, while the textures can assist in creating a completely modern look.

It is advisable to begin by coming up with a design that best suits your current surroundings after you have considering where exactly you want the tiles to be laid – in one room or across an entire floor. You are free to mix and match tiles in order to create your own composition, while considering the various sizes and shapes available to you as well as the patterns you can create.

If you are looking to revamp an entire floor of your home, then consider using brightly coloured tiles throughout to create a seamless look and pair with simple design features and pale walls to make the flooring pop. You can even run some of the tiling up a wall in the kitchen perhaps and around a fireplace to get that ultra-modern look, just try and avoid overwhelming the space and consider decorating a strip of wall.

terracotta tiles flooring
Tiles are versatile, easy to clean and make a statement

Alternatively, opt for a lighter grey shade for your floor, if you want the style to last, and add some character to the walls instead. It will be much easier to change up the complementary elements if you want to redecorate and create a whole new look in the near future.

Choose your tiles carefully

Installing porcelain stoneware tiles can be costly, which makes it all the more important to invest in high-quality tiles produced by a well-known manufacturer. The best terracotta tiles are the ones that last for a long period of time and have good resistance to water, fire, and changes in temperature. They should also be extremely easy to clean, especially if you are planning to place them in kitchens, porches or in bathrooms.

Providing you have come up with a design layout, you should then consider the size of the tile needed. Opting for larger sizes, which are more applicable to a modern trend is best to achieve a contemporary look in your home.