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Floor show: How to add luxury to your space with statement flooring

By Lexi Goodland  |  April 20, 2020

When redecorating any space, it is only natural for most people to place the majority of their focus on the furnishings, fixtures and walls as these are three of the most important elements that make up a space, and ones that are most likely to catch people’s attention when they first enter the room. In the midst of considering each of these elements then, the importance of the base of the space is somehow overlooked – and by base, we mean the floor.

Flooring can often find itself last on the decorating list, and after brightly coloured or patterned walls, and bold, unique furniture, the end result – more likely than not – is a simple, neutral, understated floor. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those qualities if you would prefer to place the focus on your walls and furniture, but if you take some time to consider how to actually use your floor to make a statement, rather than simply disregarding it, you could open a whole other door of possibilities for the end result.

To get you started, we have listed a few different ways in which you can utilise your floor to add wow factor to your space.

Parquet flooring

This type of flooring uses pieces of wood (either natural, laminate or luxury vinyl tile) to create geometric mosaic patterns, the most popular of which is a style called herringbone. Although most parquet flooring patterns use angular shapes like squares, rectangles, diamonds and triangles, they can sometimes incorporate curves as well.

Parquet flooring is a traditional and timeless style that, if chosen, is the perfect way to incorporate a natural woody element to your space in a pattern that is dynamic yet subtle, ideal for those still wanting to draw attention to other elements within their space.

When considering this type of statement flooring, wood floor specialists like Wood Floor Warehouse can advise on the best fitting and installation methods, answer technical questions, and help you choose the right style and finish to give you the best and most beautiful bespoke wooden floor.

Floor runners

When you are working with a narrow space like a hallway or staircase, it can be difficult to determine how best to spruce up what limited room you have without creating too much clutter. Adding some fixtures to the walls like shelving, mirrors or pictures, or perhaps a floor lamp if you have the room, is about the extent you can reach in terms of incorporating furnishings, so your space might end up looking and feeling somewhat sparse. This is where floor runners come in.

Floor runners are the perfect solution for a space like this; with all the different styles out there, you can use a runner to add colour, pattern and texture to enrich your space whilst also giving it an elegant and luxurious finishing touch. Combined with painted or polished floors underneath, a runner can act as a striking and eye-catching feature as well. Even better, in heavily trafficked spaces, using a floor runner is more economically beneficial as it can be easily removed and replaced once worn out.

Encaustic tiles

Most of us are familiar with tiling and likely already have it incorporated into our homes in some way, whether that’s on the roof, on the walls, or on the floor, but what many people don’t realise is just how many different types and styles of tile are actually out there.

Of course, you have the popular ceramic and porcelain tiles–also glass, metal, quarry, and marble, just to name a few–but there are also other, more obscure styles that can really make a statement in your space.

Encaustic tiles are beautifully unique ceramic tiles with a pattern or colour that is inlaid into the surface with different colours of clay. Varying from a simple two-coloured tile, to a more adventurous six-coloured tile, you can choose from countless designs, patterns and styles to create a striking statement flooring underfoot that will add depth, dimension and flair to your space.

Natural wood

Nothing says rustic elegance like old-fashioned, natural wooden floorboards. If you are lucky enough to live in a period property where the floor can be stripped down to its original floorboards, how could you pass that up? Exposing those thick timber floorboards could change the aesthetic and feel of the entire space, not to mention showcase its history, and the versatility of natural wood means that whatever the use of the space, this chic flooring style will undoubtedly complement it.