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Here are the best luxury home accessories to buy this year

Regardless of the space, there is nothing more important than paying special attention to the details, as they can dramatically change the overall design of your home.

From freshening up your home to a complete makeover, choosing the right accessories to match your style is key. With so many trends paving the way to the latest decorative styles, inspiration is simply everywhere and to help you explore the possibilities, we have listed some of the most luxurious home accessories to buy in 2019.

Vintage rugs

Whether it’s a divine Persian carpet or an exquisite Turkish Kilim, rugs can make a beautiful addition to any room, as they bring colour and life to your flooring.

With an array of shapes, patterns, sizes and styles, finding the perfect rug for your home may be somewhat challenging. However, having a vast amount of options can allow you to explore your taste, ultimately resulting in you finding the ideal rug.

Just remember, that if you aim to purchase a vintage rug, then make sure to do plenty of research to ensure that it is handmade and naturally dyed — the patience will be worth it when you see your newly purchased rug beautifully positioned in your room.

Perfect aromas

We believe that any home should have plenty of scented candles and diffusers — not only do they smell amazingly refreshing, they also bring a sense of comfort and homeliness.

Once again, you may have noticed that there is a vast amount of options when it comes to different smells and styles. Don’t feel intimidated though, because whether you want the scent of fresh cotton or the comforting aromas of warm spices, you will most definitely find the perfect one for you.

We suggest purchasing reed diffusers, as their elegant styles ooze luxury and the scents last much longer than that of candles — simply open, display and surround yourself with the perfect aromas.

Comfort is key

modern bedroom beside window in the morning, pillows and cushions in white, beige and brown color tone on bed in luxury bedroom at home

There is no better way to bring hints of colour and comfort than with these perfect home accessories — aim for simplistic yet elegant and make sure they match your own personal taste.

Whether you prefer a mountain of cushions or just a few on your furniture, having them in your home brings not only comfort and relaxation but also splashes of life and sense of good taste.

If you already have plenty of cushions then there isn’t the need to purchase more, however, you may be wanting to change the overall style. In this case, simply look for new covers as you can replace the old ones and watch as they instantly transform your space.

Create perfect reflections

Big round mirror, table with jewelry and decor near brick wall in hallway interior

Seen as a must-have accessory, mirrors can add luxury and beauty to your space, regardless of the shape and size.

Placed in the right spot, a mirror can give the illusion of a more spacious room, can reflect something worthy and can maximise daylight. However, don’t feel bound by rules and place it wherever you feel is best.

Remember that having mirrors throughout your house will add a sense of luxury and homeliness to your home, therefore a worthy and trendy investment.

Add some greenery

Understandably a worthwhile trend, owning plants is somewhat of a necessity when it comes to transforming your home from dull to luxurious, refreshing and homely.

Adding greenery to your space will give you an instant revival and hints of colour, as well as texture and atmosphere.

Don’t worry if you’re not very good at caring for plants, as nowadays there are shockingly lifelike faux plants that you can use to gain the same results — the choice is up to you.

As you can see, the simplest accessories can transform a room into a luxurious space, so follow our advice, trust your style and soon you will have the perfect space to relax in and show off to your friends and family.