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Home updates: 7 ways to bring positive energy into your home, from amethyst crystals to bringing the outdoors in

From redecorating to the addition of crystals, here are some great ways you can improve the energy in your home this year.

By LLM Reporters  |  February 19, 2022
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As emotionally aware beings, we are largely affected by our surroundings, and we don’t often consider the fact that our homes have a big part to play in our mood and feelings on a day-to-day basis. The sanctuaries where we begin and end each day, our residences have the ability to make us feel more positive, hopeful and happier, so if you don’t feel as though your home is providing you with enough positivity, then you’ve come to the right place to learn how to change this. 

From incorporating crystals into your home’s aesthetic to letting in the light and bringing elements from outside in, we take a look at seven ways in which you can bring some much-needed positive energy into your home.

Add personal touches

bedroom plants

If you can look around your home and feel as though just about anyone could be living here, then it may be time to put a little more of a personal stamp on the place. You may like the sleek and minimalist vibe, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some of your personality to your home and it will make you feel a lot more whole if you can gaze around and spot objects and photographs that bring a smile to your face. Fill your home with treasured personal items like ornaments from your travels, photographs from fun days out, and eye-catching artwork that you have carefully chosen for a more uplifting space.

Add some crystals 


From amethyst to citrine to rose quartz, the resurgence in the popularity of crystals has seen people rushing to buy a selection for their homes in the hopes of tapping into their natural healing energy. 

Not only does amethyst look utterly mesmerising, but the dark purple geodes are said to promote healing, purifying and also enhance willpower, while also looking quite spectacular in your home too. 

Choose a geode that will stand out in your home to create a talking point or simply select one that you feel drawn to and hope that its healing nature will work for you. Said to act as an air purifier and to also emit positive energy, an amethyst is best placed in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. 

Redecorate your space

home decorating

Are you sick of staring at that ugly wallpaper that has been sitting upon your wall for far too long? Do you long to swap out your old carpet and replace your flooring with something a little fresher? Perhaps it’s a simple as giving the walls a lick of lighter paint or as elaborate as knocking down a wall and reworking the layout of your space to suit you a little better. Either way, a touch of redecoration is often a good place to start when trying to give your home a more positive feel. 

Make sure you choose colours, patterns and textures that are comforting to you, keep the tones light in smaller areas, if you have a busy mind, keep the space clutter free and simply choose items and colours that you can’t wait to be surrounded by each day. There is so much inspiration out there, so gather some ideas and choose surroundings that you would feel most comfortable, positive and energised in.

Invite the outside in 

plants in the home

The positive effect of plants and being surrounded by nature has been reported on a lot, and so it makes perfect sense to incorporate a bit of nature in your home when you’re attepting to create a more positive space. Head to your local garden centre and pick out some beautiful, air purifying plants, sign up to a flower delivery subscription service for regular blooms, and open up the windows and doors more often to feel closer to nature. Also consider planting some pretty flowers in a window box and pop a bird feeder close to your window so that you can see and hear nature at its most beautiful, a sure-fire way to immerse yourself in more positive surroundings. 

Light up your life

luxury bedroom

There’s no doubt that natural light boosts wellness, from the vitamin D that is produced while in sunlight to the fresh air you breathe that flows through when your curtains are open wide, and your windows are open. To make the most of effects that natural light brings, remove anything that obstructs the window, even partially, clean them up and let the natural light flow in. When the sun goes down, make sure you have sufficient lighting to create a welcoming atmosphere for you to relax among at the end of the day. 

Invite people in

dinner party

Invite a friend over for a regular coffee date or set up a dinner party for friends or family to encourage more laughter and positive energy in your surroundings. If you live alone, this is especially important as having the good company of those you love and enjoying laughs with them will improve your mood no end. Make sure to lay out your spaces in a sociable way to encourage conversation and showcase your treasures to encourage talking points. Another benefit of inviting regular guests into your home is that it will encourage you to keep it tidy, another way of allowing positivity roam free, which we’ll discuss next.

Keep it clean

Young housewife cleaning house with vacuum cleaner

Looking around at the never-ending jobs that need undertaking around the home is rarely welcome and can lead to feelings of despair. There’s no harm in sharing out the chores, whether this means hiring a cleaner and someone to take on those odd jobs, while you get on with the items that you can handle one by one, to ensure a more welcoming space to live in. Once your home is tidy, make sure it stays that way boost your indoor spaces by using pleasing scents as well as good lighting, as mentioned above, to create an inviting environment that you can feel positive in every day.