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How to give your home a Scandi makeover

The epitome of modernity, Scandinavian interior design has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Pinterest boards dedicated to the admiration of Scandi and Nordic design, a style characterised by the stark use of a predominantly white base complemented by mustards, teals and moss accents. Scandi style came to prominence in it’s native Nordic countries in the 1930s before gaining further popularity in the 1990s. Today, homeowners and designer lovers all over the world seek to emulate this minimalist look by blending core concepts such as neutral colours, wooden flooring and clean, crisp lines throughout with other items to provide a personal touch.

If you’re one of many who hope to emulate this sophisticated sleek, chic minimalism in your home, there are a few starting points you can think about when assessing each room…

Living room

The colour white is a staple of the Scandi style rulebook; originally, this colour stems from the snow that would descend on Nordic countries during harsh winters. Homeowners drew inspiration from the colour to create something in the home that was light, bright and pleasing inside to detract from the hours of darkness that befell during winter time. This colour scheme maximises natural light and also provides you with a perfect starting canvas when it comes to finding accent colours or statement pieces. Geometric shapes, bright coloured rugs and stand-out ceramics can work nicely against a bright white background.

Scandinavian inspired design
Ever since the 1950’s, Scandinavian inspired design has been ever growing in popularity in the UK and around the world. Image credit


One of the key concepts at the heart of Scandi Style is that of efficiency and functionality, which inherently makes this a great design scheme for kitchens. The streamline design of cabinetry coupled with built-in appliances, floating shelves and smart use of counter space makes these kitchens practical and stylish. You can add a pop of colour with some bright backsplash tiles, or you can integrate some colourful appliances or wall art. If you are looking to update a current kitchen, the good news is that due to the minimalist nature of this style, it can be achieved on a variety of different budgets. In addition to adding aesthetics, kitchen renovations can also help add value to the home and help your house sell quicker.


Some manufacturers this year have seen a real upsurge in the popularity of Scandinavian bathrooms. The white and neutral tones create a calming environment, perfect for an evening soak. Again, the use of wall-mounted features such as cupboards, shelving, towel rails and lighting creates more space in small bathrooms, while the straight, crisp lines of white tiles and hardwood flooring (never carpet) help to open up the room. With some estimates revealing that a bathroom renovation could provide as much as a 48 per cent return on investment, there’s yet another good reason to consider updating your bathroom to a chic, Scandi-style wet room.


The colour white is oft associated with light, serenity and peace, and so it’s the perfect shade of choice when decorating a bedroom. This colour can help create an oasis of ‘hygge’, a Danish word and consequent style trend meaning “cosiness”. Think plenty of throw cushions and knitted throws that are strewn together in effortless fashion, faux fur accent rugs, large, geometric freestanding lamps, and natural plants such as calla lilies to create the perfect Scandi ambience.