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How to incorporate a timeless traditional look in your home in 5 steps

By LLM Reporters  |  August 4, 2020

Anyone who wants a truly impressive home has to ensure there is enough character embedded within the décor to make it a refined retreat. This is more easily achieved with a historical house as it will be able to provide you with the foundations of a home that already oozes character within its unique features, though this isn’t a deal-breaker. Grand staircases, exquisite chandeliers, antique furniture and the like can all be sought out or created as bespoke pieces for you if you want to invest in a really remarkable home for yourself, whether you are building from scratch or reside in a Georgian or Victorian abode.

If you are looking to update your interiors and fancy opting for a majestic look that will stand the test of time, then read on for our top tips on how to achieve this.

Select your style

There are more ways than you think to give your home a timeless look; traditional can mean varying things, so don’t think that this style is limited to dark, wood filled, gentlemen’s club style rooms, though we are here for this if that’s what you seek. Neutral shades with an abundance of white and pale greys make for an airy space while making the most of some classic features such as sash windows.

classic decor
Neutral shades with an abundance of white and pale greys make for an airy space while making the most of some classic features

The colour scheme is not as limited as you may think too so create a mood board with some sample materials, colours and images that you like to get an idea of the look you want to create. You can also put your stamp on the décor and come up with a style that fits your personality by combining modern and traditional components to make a unique home fit for a top interior magazine shoot.

Antique furniture

A sure-fire way to add a distinguished look to your interiors is by adding some statement antique furniture. Auctions, second-hand shops and specialist antique furniture shops are great places to find those special pieces while the Internet will offer up some fantastic replica options if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for.

And if you can’t get your hands the exact pieces you want or they require a little attention, you can always buy them and do a bit of work to them yourself to ensure they are in keeping with your preferred style. If you are looking to revive the natural beauty of wooden furniture, make sure you buy specialist paint and prepare the piece properly. Drawers, doors and knobs need special attention and preparation here is certainly key. If needed, you can also look to get antique items reupholstered to suit your home flawlessly.

classic decor
A sure-fire way to add a distinguished look to your interiors is by adding some statement antique furniture

Vintage walls

Wood panelling, silk wallpaper and ornate plasterwork are all elements that will add the wow factor to your interiors. We aren’t suggesting you combine all of the above together of course but a mixture of wood panels on the lower section of your walls with glorious silk wall hangings or even a vintage style printed paper can help you achieve the desired look.

Ornate plasterwork is definitely a feature that will leave guests gaping so consider where you might incorporate this to achieve your timeless look. Common places are around the edges of walls, fireplaces and on the ceilings, often as a focal point for a lighting feature, though we aren’t suggesting you have a go yourself, this is one for the professionals.

classic decor
Exquisite floors and grand features will make for a statement home

Fantastic flooring

Nothing says exquisite like a shiny marble floor to greet you in your home. Pairing well with a polished Baroque look if this is the one you are going for, marble floors ooze elegance, refinement and grandiose and have the benefit of being a great feature throughout all rooms of the house; kitchens, bathrooms and hallways love this look especially. If you seek a more rustic and traditional look then hardwood floors will suit you well, especially when paired with wood panelled walls.


Where the décor really comes together is within the soft furnishings and accessories, enabling you to round off a design with panache. Whether it’s a Persian rug, an ornate gold framed mirror, a glistening chandelier, some 18th century classic paintings or some decorative drapes, the accessories and soft furnishings are where your individual style can shine through, so choose carefully and make sure they complement your other design features well.