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How to maintain a perfect garden the whole year round

english garden

It is always hard to maintain a thriving garden all year round, especially with the ever changing British weather. The key is to be organised in each season to make sure your garden is well-equipped to deal with the challenges it faces.

Below, the horticultural team at Sopwell House – an enchanting country estate in St Albans – have provided their fool proof tips for how to look after your garden to ensure it is the envy of your neighbours.

Before spring arrives, tidy up your garden by removing any excess leaves and debris from your lawn and flowerbeds. It is also important to remove any garden pests ahead of the warmer months. This ensures that the new plants have a clean space to grow. Store your garden furniture in the shed as it will mean it will look its best come the warmer months.

This is the time to plant your summer-flowering bulbs and seeds, such as gladiolus and freesias, to ensure your garden is in full bloom by summer. Trick friends and family into thinking you have a new patio by jet-washing and cleaning away the moss from between your paving stones at the start of spring.

Your plants will need plenty of water during the summer months, especially if it is warm and dry. Adding organic matter and mulch to the soil will help to develop the soil’s retention of water by ensuring it does not evaporate. Keep your potted plants cool by moving them to the shade in order to prevent them drying out. Once your plants are thriving and competing for space you may need to cut back the lower priority plants.

Your lawn will need some TLC before the cold weather strikes. Do so by clearing it of all dead leaves and mowing it for the last time in late October. Autumn is also a good time to plant bulbs, such as daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, so that they can germinate and will be ready to bloom in the spring.

Nestled deep within the rolling Hertfordshire hills sits Sopwell House, located in the picturesque city of St Albans. The dazzling white Georgian manor house, surrounded by acres of charming countryside, stands proudly at the end of a meandering driveway lined with blossom trees. Sopwell House’s eye-catching gardens are designed by Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist, Ann-Marie Powell and are a talking point for guests all year round.