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How to make your hallway more welcoming in 5 simple steps

By LLM Reporters  |  October 13, 2020

Each and every time you enter your home, it should go without saying that are you are greeted with a happy and welcoming sight – a clutter-free space that envelopes you in a hospitable hug whenever you return. And you will surely want to make a great impression on any visitor to your home too, after all, first impressions last and you want to showcase your home in its best light from the outset.

It doesn’t matter if your hallway is compact or it lacks in natural light, perhaps you feel it is even too big to provide a homely enough welcome for you and your guests, as long as you have a tidy place to hang your coat, you have the basics covered. But if you’re looking for a little more than the fundamentals, read on for how you can make your hallway a stylish and welcoming space in five simple steps.

Light it up

Day or night, you need to be able to see what you’re doing when you leave and enter your home, so make sure this area is well lit. It’s no use opening your door into a dimly lit area – you will need to remove your outerwear, pop your keys in a safe place, perhaps find a place for your bag and retrieve any mail – so make sure you have a light-filled space.

The right lighting and tones can make all the difference in your hallway

You can, of course, decorate your hallway in deep rich hues if you have a bigger space, just make sure there is plenty of lighting – natural or artificial – to light the way. Consider a floor or table lamp or some well place wall lights in addition to your overhead lighting to create atmosphere and a nicely illuminated space.

Showcase your style with art

Displaying stylish art pieces has been a mark of taste and grace for centuries, and this isn’t about to change anytime soon. If you really want to make sure your hallway looks special and eye-catching, you need to add a few stylish and unique art pieces.

Unique pieces are a great tool to draw the eye and you can use it to base the rest of the décor in the room around. Art adds an element of interest and is often a conversation starter so choose something that reflects you and your interests and display it proudly.

Welcoming scents

One of the very first things that anyone notices when they enter a house is the smell; a warming dinner on the go, freshly baked cookies and, yes, even well-worn shoes to greet their senses. Hallways aren’t the most well-ventilated spaces and if shoes are stored here, this can make the scents somewhat less than divine even if they are confined to a neat storage spot.

Incorporating welcoming scents to your hallway will be oh-so inviting

If the option of having a batch of cookies on the go at all times, sadly, isn’t a likely prospect then opt for a wall mounted air freshener to provide a spritz of heavenly scent instead. Seek out your favourite fragrance and guests will always be reminded of you when they catch a whiff.

Include appropriate furniture for the space

Incorporating just the right style and size of furniture into your hallway can make a real difference, but make sure it is right for the space. If you are low on surface area, don’t clutter up the space but instead source a slim sideboard that neatly fits your mail and keys and place a mirror or some artwork above it. On the other hand, if you have plenty of space then seek out some stylish and high-quality furniture like the ones SofaFox lists and create yourself a dedicated area to sit and put on or remove shoes in a comfy spot.

Bring it to life with plants

The addition of plants and flowers to the hallway is a great way to make the space more colourful and to give it more life. Tie in colourful flowers with the décor and opt for those that offer a lovely scent if you prefer not to have artificial fresheners. Choose your plants wisely too dependant on the space you have, and the amount of natural light provided and go for those that require a little more low maintenance.