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How to make your home more luxurious in five easy steps

Many of us dream of a life of luxurious bliss, with our homes being our havens. We visit five star hotels to gain that snippet of better lifestyle, even if just for a few days, but who says we can’t transport that level of luxury into our everyday lives? Living like the kings and queens that we are should be an everyday occurrence so we’ve come up with some great ways to transform your home into a palace that you will be proud to not only show off, but retreat to as well.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Rooms

You don’t have to live in a mansion in order to boast space throughout your home, simply consider your furniture placement when decorating. The minimalist trend is rife right now, so, if you fancy living in a more simplistic environment, why not get on board with this? Sometimes less really can be more in the home and this trend is based entirely off this notion. Picture a tranquil space with plenty of white, clean lines and the least amount of furniture as possible, and, in order to properly pull this off, you’ll need to ensure that your home is clean and tidy of clutter. By using lighter colours and less furniture, regardless of the size of your rooms, you can give the illusion of a brighter and larger space. After all, isn’t an abundance of space a luxury in itself?

If you’re going to splash out on one thing throughout your home, it really should be the furniture

Have a Consistent Theme Throughout Your Home

The sign of a well-designed home, is having a consistent theme that runs throughout each area. To begin with you’ll need a vision, and the best places to find inspiration is to immerse yourself in the pages of interior design magazines and Pinterest. Start by picking a colour or pattern for the walls – or a feature wall – and then you can consider your furnishings. A top tip is to choose something ultra-chic, like deep and rich colours and metallic furnishings, then allow this to run throughout your home. This will no doubt give your home an instant opulent look, which can be especially helpful to you in certain scenarios such as selling your home through a quick sale company. If you’ve used this service or something similar before, you’ll be aware that they value your home themselves and then put in a cash offer. The more expensive your home appears, the higher that offer is likely to be so often thinking ahead for different eventualities really helps.

Comfort is Key

If you’re going to splash out on one thing throughout your home, it really should be the furniture. When you think of luxury, you immediately think of comfort, like sinking into a California king bed or reclining on a spongy chaise longue. However, it’s not only the bigger things that can make your home a more comfortable place in which to spend time – you’ll want to make your home a warm and inviting place so make sure you invest in cosy throws, cushions and a lavish rug that feels soft underfoot. Consider purchasing soft and fluffy towels in the bathroom too to really give your home that added edge of luxury.

The sign of a well-designed home, is having a consistent theme that runs throughout each area

Make a statement

Don’t be scared to be bold! As well as being comfortable and looking sumptuous, luxury décor should always leave a lasting impression on those who’ve seen it. Whether you go for a statement mirror, an oversized work of art or a brightly coloured piece of furniture, have fun choosing and just go for it. Whatever it is you opt for, it has to stand out, be different and it has to say something about you and your personality. You want people to leave your home thinking “wow,” so don’t hold back!

Use All Your Senses when Decorating

Finally, remember that it’s not just about what you can see – think about your other senses when you’re decorating too. Think of what you can feel, and how you can use different and luxurious feeling textures such as velvet and fur throughout the home in your soft furnishings. Consider what you can smell – scented candles and flowers will go a long way in giving your home the overall feel you’re going for and, when you have guests, think about what they hear when they walk in – you might want to put some background music on. Make your home more than just a visually appealing space, make it an experience that you want to return to and also invite people into to enjoy.