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Interesting interiors: How to allow your home to tell a story about you

By LLM Reporters  |  October 16, 2020

If your walls could talk, what story would they tell? Our homes are the places that reflect who we are – the perfect opportunity to showcase our hobbies and personalities and the things that are important to us. From children’s drawings on the fridge and photographs of loved ones to artwork from our favourite artists and volumes of books proudly displayed, there are many ways in which our homes hint at our stories.

No one likes to think that their interiors are similarly reflected in someone else’s home, we all crave that little bit of individuality that sets us apart from others, and this can very well be achieved within the home, even for those seeking a minimal approach to their décor.

bayeux tapestry
If you’re interested in certain historical events, why not incorporate them in your interiors, such as the Bayeux Tapestry, which is more than 900 years old and depicts the Norman invasion of England in the 11th Century. Image Credit: Jorisvo/

If you are looking to create a home that is complemented with various interesting talking points then we may just have some inspiring ideas for you, so read on for some of our top interior tips for telling a story within your home interiors.

Host some history in your home

If you’re a history buff and perhaps a certain period of time, a big event in history or an inspiring historic leader piques your interest then why not find a way to proudly display this in your home? Be it a volume of books by Nobel Prize-winning author and noted British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill or an illustration of the world’s first graphic novel; the Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts the story of British and French history and the Norman conquest, there are many creative ways in which your interests can be displayed.

books library
Display your collection of books proudly. Image credit: radiokafka/

Display some artwork

So often are we presented with the option to buy fun prints, and though you may not want to go buying up the same old images as everyone else, the great thing about this is that we are being encouraged to introduce art into our homes. Art makes for a fantastic talking point so make sure it reflects your interests and passions rather than hanging something for the sake of it.

If you don’t have a particular artist whose work you adore, how about seeking out a local artist or find an interesting depiction of a favourite place to evoke happy memories?


Maybe you have a family heirloom, a unique but beautiful ornament or two you’ve picked up on your travels or you have a collection or something specific that could be turned into a piece of art for you? A rug, unique piece of antique furniture that has a story to tell, a bottle of whisky purchased on the day you were born, there are many ways to display artefacts and treasures that hold meaning for you. They may not be big investment pieces but if they are special to you, they will retain a different type of value altogether.

Family Heirlooms
Family heirlooms and old photographs make for interesting talking points

Family matters

With the sharp increase in the number of photographs being taken by individuals nowadays compared to 15 to 20 years ago, it is so easy to capture those special moments but leave them on our devices. Be selective and have a couple printed and framed or hire a photographer to take some family shots to treasure. You could also pick out a favourite drawing by a young family member and display it or for something a little more unique, how about a hand-written letter from an ancestor if you can dig it out from the treasure trove of goodies in the loft? Search for something unique and with significance and your home will be one that you enjoy being in when surrounded with these meaningful treasures.