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Luxurious features to elevate your kitchen to showroom status and beyond

By LLM Reporters  |  September 10, 2020

When redesigning any room in the house it is important to ensure that it stands out above the rest in terms of style, practicality and design.

If you think that it’s time your kitchen got a facelift, then we’re sure you’ve considered all of those fine features that will elevate your room from among others.

Every house is distinct, and every individual’s needs differ from another’s, so when you’re planning to put a new kitchen in, it’s best to let the professionals help you with the design. Seek out a bespoke kitchen designer with plenty of experience as they will be able to, not only turn your dreams into a reality, but provide you with some fantastic features you probably didn’t even know existed.

Bespoke bookshelves created above your cooking station so you can easily grab those fail-safe recipes, the best appliances, gadgets and utensils that money can buy, lavish lighting features and stunning marble worktops are just some of the ways that you can create a kitchen of envy. But there are many other ways in which you can elevate your kitchen beyond showroom status even, and we are here to tell you how.

A drinks station, whether for hot or cold beverages, is a great feature to have in your luxury kitchen

Bespoke cabinetry

You will want to ensure that your kitchen emanates elegance from every angle so the first item on your list should be bespoke cabinetry to fit your kitchen to perfection. Made to measure cabinets, shelving and drawers will afford you the opportunity to let your dreams come true, so conjure up all of those ways in which you can utilise every inch of space to make the room work for you in every way possible and your hand crafted kitchen will be a room of envy.

Perhaps you are a keen baker and you want to create an area to house mixing bowls, utensils and that ever-so useful stand mixer with easy reach of the oven, or maybe you reach for the wine each night and only bespoke shelving will do for the reds, close to your wine cooler and with space for your glasses nearby. Think big and find the right company who can work their magic for you.

Professional cooker

I mean, anything that heats up food is all you need in an oven, right? Wrong! Any budding chef knows that there are a myriad of features to be had from a fancy offering, from a pizza specific setting within the oven to a wok ring on top. Aim for a cooker with gas hobs which holds at least five rings and an electric oven to provide a more even heat, but if you like the oven to heat up quickly too then opt for gas here as well. Other top features include double or multiple range-style ovens, and a variety of settings to choose from within each oven to depend on the food you are baking.

From bespoke cabinets to a professional cooker, there are many refined features you can incorporate in your kitchen

Refrigerated drawers

We’re not talking about a fridge here, we’re talking about dedicated refrigerated drawers as a complement to your already fabulous fridge. Perfect for keeping those essentials a little closer to hand (isn’t the kitchen all about taking as few steps as possible?), drawers are placed under the worktop and integrated into the cabinetry to enable you to grab something like a cold drink or snack quickly without having to rifle around the main fridge.

Drinks station

Throughout the day we pop to the kitchen for a drink more than anything else, so it makes sense to have a dedicated area to aim for where everything is in easy reach. Take the idea out of your head that this is a kettle, mug and canister set up, we want you to imagine an integrated system with a coffee machine, milk foamer and one of those handy refrigerated drawers underneath for milk. Very swish.

A fully stocked pantry is one of those luxuries that you will never know how you lived without in a previous life


The walk-in wardrobe to your kitchen, a fully stocked pantry is one of those luxuries that you will never know how you lived without in a previous life. These rooms can take on an identity of their own and nothing has to hide in here, so go wild with decanting everything into big jars and labelling and you won’t be able to contain yourself next time you’re headed to the kitchen to prepare a meal.