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Luxury and technology in your bathroom: A stylish combination or a tech overload?

By LLM Reporters on 16th December 2019

For some, a luxury bathroom should be a strictly tech-free zone. A place of peace and tranquillity, because the essence of luxury is having time to just relax – well away from the noise and chaos of modern life. For others, a luxury bathroom means the complete opposite! It entails a room equipped with all the latest tech since even unwinding should be enhanced and maximised.

Now, most tech companies seem to have a grasp on this fundamental division of opinion; when it comes to their bathroom technology, they seek to please both camps with clever, subtle design that is both advanced enough to satisfy the technology aficionados and not so imposing as to put off the more reluctant.

The archetypal luxury bathroom always features soft lighting and you don’t have to opt for candles to achieve this

Subtle touches with a waterproof Alexa

With an Alexa, you don’t need a big, clunky piece of kit in your bathroom. If you have a dinky waterproof unit, you get complete control over the presence of technology in the room – it’s there for you if you need it and keeps a low profile if you don’t. So, if you fancy tuning in to the news or a podcast while you bathe, you can do so with ease. If, on the other hand, you need to clear your head with a luxury bath and a bath bomb, and you want to step back from it all for a while, you can do that too. There’s no commitment to a complete tech lifestyle – it’s sophisticated and subtle.

Responsive lighting to set a mood

Another great example of this kind of subtly designed bathroom tech is responsive mood lighting. The archetypal luxury bathroom always features soft lighting and you don’t have to opt for candles to achieve this. With advanced lighting technology, you can switch between perfectly ordinary, functional, everyday lighting and something softer – a coloured light that gives a very definite spa feel to any bathroom space. Again, the technology’s presence is not imposing so there’s absolutely no fear of a tech overload here.

Mirror TVs for disguised entertainment

Also striking this balance well and making effective use of a multiple-mode design are mirror TVs. These really epitomise the subtleness previously mentioned, allowing you to have all the technological advantages of a smart TV and yet still retain the peace and harmony of a space in the home that doesn’t actually contain a television.

Mirror TVs help to add luxury to any bathroom

If you haven’t come across one of these before, it looks like an ordinary, stylish bathroom mirror, but can be turned into a television with the flick of a switch. They’re totally safe for use around water and splashing, and some of them even work with an Amazon Firestick so you can lay back in a nice deep bath and have a catch-up of your favourite show on Netflix. They’re perfect for young kids too and make bath time so much easier – surely the greatest luxury if you’re a parent!

So when it comes to luxury and technology in the bathroom, you really don’t need to choose between a tech-free relaxing space and a techy haven any more. Now, you can have the best of both worlds.