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Luxury Bathrooms Inspired by Five Star Hotels

luxury bathroom

We team up with Bella Bathrooms for the top tips on creating a hotel-style bathroom scheme.

When you’re looking to redesign your bathroom, where better to take inspiration for a renovation than the most luxurious five star hotels in the world.

The bathroom after all, is a private retreat from the everyday stresses of life, and whilst most rooms of the home are usually a hive of activity, once the bathroom door is closed we can find ourselves a space for solitude.

We’ve all felt the comfort and sense of relaxation when we’re in a glamourous hotel bathroom, and recreating the same spa-like environment at home can help you to evoke an atmosphere of complete relaxation.

Moods Sandalwood
With such a unique, geometric design, Moods Sandalwood is sure to be a talking point and the centrepiece of any bathroom.

Period Styles

Patterned wallpaper and flocked curtains in muted pastels can cocoon you in a bathroom that feels as though it could be at a Parisian boutique hotel.

Invest in shabby chic cabinets and dressers that could have been lifted from a French chateaux, and your dream of a glamorous hide-away will be complete.

Of course a vintage inspired bathroom would not be the same without a roll top bath, and this should be the centre piece of the room with space around it for lengthy bath time reading material, and a side stand for that large glass of red.

Modern Minimalism

Sleek bathrooms that hide the clutter of toiletries and harness the ideas of space, can provide a sanctuary for a busy mind when it needs to unwind from the day-to-day.

Dark colours offset with rich hues of teal, amethyst or rose gold features, can create an opulent space that not only feels alluring to the senses, but will also create a haven away from the bright and bustling world outside.

 Moods Mimosa
For utter sophistication and bathroom class at its finest, look no further than the Moods Mimosa bathroom suite collection.

Deep wood flooring or dark marble will enhance the impression of a spa, but don’t forget to invest in under floor heating to maximise the feeling of comfort.

If dark colours are not something that flatters your bathroom, research colour combinations in interior design that can improve the room and give it the illusion of more space.

Finishing Touches

Whilst the interior design of many bathrooms may be simplistic and bare, what truly sets a five star bathroom apart from our everyday dwelling is the accessories that adorn the space that act like little elements of luxury.

Soft fluffy towels delicately folded and placed ready to be used are a welcome invitation for guests to sit back and relax.

The scents that fill the bathroom play a key role in soothing and calming the mind, so invigorate the space with aromatherapy oils that you would find in a spa such as lavender and jasmine, as they will naturally relax you and give the space an aromatic make-over.

Art deco is the theme that springs to mind when first confronted with the distinctive and timeless Moods Edgware bathroom collection.

Bringing elements of the outside in will ground you and bring you back to a more balanced state of mind. Orchids and succulents are the most popular additions thanks to their ability to live in a moisture rich environment with little need for attention.

The next time you visit your favourite hotel, take note of the elements you love most about the bathroom and incorporate these into your home.

Bella Bathrooms have been creating designer inspired luxury bathrooms for over a decade. With extension knowledge in the home improvement sector, and passion for trend led styles, the range that Bella provide are the perfect mix of practical pieces, to items that add the WOW factor. Bella know that a bathroom is one the most important rooms in the home and it shouldn’t be compromised on quality. Over the years Bella Bathrooms has helped more than 100,000 individuals and families build their dream bathrooms.