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Luxury craft ideas for a more sustainable home

By LLM Reporters  |  July 8, 2020
recycled bed

Every year thousands of homeowners spend countless hours picking and choosing from various home interior solutions with their visions often brought to life by hired professionals.

As with any interior overhaul, it is important to incorporate your own personal style and preferences into the design, it is your home, after all, and the décor should reflect this. And with the growing awareness of environmental issues that push for a more sustainable approach to home decor, your luxury interior design can take on a whole new life. This concern may influence homeowners in taking more of an interest in the addition of luxury homemade crafts, whether made by yourself or bought from others.

Often, we think that home design solutions have to be decided by an interior designer with exclusive pieces purchased to create a level of individuality within the home décor. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you fancy putting together a truly unique piece made by your own fair hands, what is more individual than that?

boho lounge
You don’t have to compromise on style when creating your own decorative items or re-purposing old furniture

If you have a creative side and you also want to bring some elegance into your home, you don’t have to compromise on your craft, there are many ways in which you can create projects that look sophisticated but are made with care too.

Choose sustainable artistic detail to bring life to your bookcases, tabletops, sideboards, shelving and wall spaces. Also consider what sort of upcycling, or recycling, you can do to eliminate waste and reuse perfectly durable furniture.

Whether you are interested in trying out your own crafts, or would like to look towards quality, homemade items, we’ve come up with some ways in which you can unleash your creative side and create a masterpiece that guests to your home might just mistake for a work of art.

Sustainable craft ideas

Sustainable materials have become a popular option for furniture, bedding, and decorative touches too. This means that the items are made from a source that does not deplete natural resources, and are either harvested in a responsible manner, or used in a way that does not leave behind environmental waste.

woman painting
You can also easily create your own high-end sustainable items as many products support working with quality materials

Almost all manufacturing leaves behind a type of waste, but that doesn’t mean it is unusable. Look for artists that take scrap material, such as fabrics, leathers, wooden leftovers from furniture design, and cut glass, and turn them into unique statement pieces. Examples of this include stained glass, candle holders, mosaics, or decorative quilted pillows or wall-hangings.

You can also easily create your own high-end sustainable items as many products support working with quality materials. Many luxurious bags and shoes are made with leather and if you want to whip something up you can check out the best machines for working with leather here, and find easy to follow tutorials online.

Upcycling and recycling

Why buy new when you can find amazing pieces that have been brought to life, or given new life, with a bit of artistic vision? Visit local stores, charity shops and flea markets and check out old furniture that may be perfectly acceptable with a new upholstering job, or even a few design changes – you would be amazed at what you might find!

sustainable bathroom interior
Use sustainable or re-purposed materials to create a bespoke interior

Remove shelving to create an entryway seating and shoe storage area, or paint faded wood with a chalk paint to provide an antiqued look, and add new, luxury hardware to upgrade old, worn pieces.

Washboards, wall sconces and lamps, tea sets, and candlesticks are all often discarded as dated and old fashioned, but they can also bring new life and interest to bookcases and shelving displays, and be incorporated into more contemporary decor as a statement piece.

Old quilts can be brought back to life as decorative pillows, or cut to highlight particularly beautiful patterns and framed. They even can be added to photo walls to create various mosaic wall effects. This is a great way to display family heirloom pieces in a more contemporary manner.


Statement pillows, upholstery and blankets are easy to create with a little sewing knowledge, and also provide an amazing canvas for fabric stencilling to make something wholly unique and luxurious.

woman painting
Why buy new when you can find amazing pieces that have been brought to life, or given new life, with a bit of artistic vision?

Also consider the many uses a doormat may lend to your decor. Painting a laser cut doormat can have amazing effects and provide a way to brighten up a dark corner hanging or serve as a backdrop for floral arrangements, for example.

Consider natural lighting effects

Consider how to brighten your rooms using natural lighting. Mirrors and other reflective materials often help make small spaces look larger, and when carefully placed to maximise lighting is a decorative art in and of itself. Even though you may not have to get busy with glues or power tools to do this, it definitely takes a crafty eye to properly place these types of items. This is also a great way to showcase heirloom mirrors or expensive wall hangings.

However you decide to creative in your home, remember that there are plenty of imaginative ways to do this that don’t rely on buying new, especially if you have plenty of personality that you want to radiate throughout your home.