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Maximise your living space with sliding doors

By LLM Reporters  |  January 25, 2021

Are you looking to upgrade the look and feel of your interiors? One of the most effective ways to do this is by letting in as much natural light as possible, and this can achieved by knocking down an internal wall or installing new sliding doors.

Double sliding doors are revered for transforming gloomy spaces into lively ones with their ultra-slim sightlines and clean, minimalistic proportions. Since they take up very little space when open, they are also an ideal choice for narrow terraces or balconies, any location where space is at a premium.

Modern slim frames also improve energy efficiency, meaning no cold spots, and full use of floor space right up to the glass. Other than mere aesthetics though, double sliding doors have many transformative effects on any living or working environment. Most installations are custom-built, providing those who install them with openings as far as 2.5m wide.

If you’re looking into some renovations and have considered sliding doors, then read on for some key factors when making your selection.

Modern slim frames improve energy efficiency meaning no cold spots, and full use of floor space right up to the glass

Material and durability

Previously, glass was considered a very delicate and brittle barrier, but modern-day manufacturers use toughened safety glass, which along with being shatterproof, also does not yield easily to force or temperature changes. Providing multi-point locking mechanisms in double sliding door tracks is also the standard practise among top brands. Residential property owners should go for sliding doors with incorporated gaskets, aluminium seals, and fixed leaves for additional security.

Choosing aluminium is a safe bet since it is a strong material and the sliding frames made of this metal are more likely to stand wear and tear. They are resistant to insects, termites, corrosion, rust, and perform well even in the most testing climates. You can also count on them to survive fires and restrict flames from spreading to other parts of your house.

Better quality of life

Whether attributed to their unique design or the nature of materials used, these doors offer tremendous thermal insulation. While keeping the indoor temperature to your liking, double glass doors isolate you from rising summer temperatures and just as equally, freezing winters. Sliding doors and windows save a surprising amount of energy since they allow more natural light to filter in, meaning that your lighting bills get drastically reduced in the daytime. In the spring and autumn, one can always add a mesh and open up these doors to cool the interiors without using an air conditioner.

Glazing for your sliding doors offers various practical benefits such as reducing harmful UV rays by as much as 98%

Optional add-ons

Polyurethane foam frame reinforced double sliding doors are efficient insulators, meaning the home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summers.

Glazing for your sliding doors offers various practical benefits such as reducing harmful UV rays by as much as 98% and providing better acoustic insulation, while also reducing frost and condensation on the glass. Sliding doors that are fitted with composite gaskets act as weather and sound barriers, too, keeping dust, drafts, and rain out of the home.

When you need to separate the indoors and outdoors without obstructing the flow of ambience and air, double sliding doors are definitely your go-to option. These doors can be built with elaborate patterns to fit your current design style, slim panels and amplified glass areas offer you the best views and plenty of sunlight while maintaining the security of being in your home. Increased aesthetics is an additional advantage as double sliding doors create a seamless flow between your home’s outdoor and indoor spaces.