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Modern furniture to add elegance to any room

As human beings, we exist in space, and if these spaces aren’t in line with who we are and what we enjoy, they are seldom comfortable in the general sense. It’s the reason we find ourselves in constant pursuit of comfort and solace in the rooms we spend our time in – and the reason that nothing less than opulence and glamour will do, too. When setting up a room in your home, practicality, convenience, and cosiness are all great qualities, but you can’t put a price on visually elegant surroundings that promote mental peace and balance – and impress your guests whilst they are at it, too.

The rooms in our home are the places where we do everything from watching TV and entertaining friends, to having conversations, working on our laptops, or spending time reading – so if they are not as beautiful as they are practical, then your sense of enjoyment is bound to leave something to be desired.

Here are some of the essential pieces of modern furniture that can add elegance to any room, making your living space your own haven of glamour whilst serving its purpose, too.

Living room in luxury home with fireplace
When choosing a sofa, take into consideration the colour palette of your room, and the size of the couch, including the number of people it can conveniently seat

A cosy sofa

One of the most vital elements of any living room, no living space would be complete without a comfortable seating arrangement offering a place of rest for the body, and a place for contemplation, too. A cosy sofa – in a size that fits well in the room and allows it to be the centrepiece – is probably the simplest way to create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere that exudes stylish flair. Position yours facing the TV or fireplace to create a natural focal point.

When choosing a sofa, take into consideration the colour palette of your room, and the size of the couch, including the number of people it can conveniently seat. You can add a statement touch by picking a piece in a bold colour if the rest of the room is in pastel or neutral shades, and make your zone of comfort stand out. 

A practical home entertainment unit

A calm evening of Netflix and chill is never quite perfect enough without the right TV console table to conveniently house all of your media components in a pleasant-looking yet practical way. You will want to pick something that features sufficient additional storage – like drawers, shelves, or cabinets – to safely store your DVDs, games, and other media components, concealing them from view all in one stylish piece of furniture. While most TV stands can accommodate the majority of sizes of TV, you can also choose to mount your flat screen to the wall behind the stand to save space.

Thanks to the myriad of choices out there, it can be hard to choose the right piece for you, so do some research and check out this guide to find the very best modern TV stand for your space. Remember that the shape of your room, the size of your TV, and the style of your home are all factors that will help you select the perfect new entertainment unit for you.

Modern living room
Modern furniture designs are usually designed for urban life

Additional seating

Depending on the available space, you may want to add one or two accent chairs, which will not only provide extra seating, but also complement the design of your living room or bedroom with a little extra stylish flair.

The good news is that they come in a number of shapes and sizes; an oversized recliner, a petite slipper chair, or a large wingback are some of the options available on the market. Such pieces also come with the practicality and convenience of mobility, for unlike a sofa, they can be easily moved around according to your needs and as space evolves. 

Curtains, drapes, and blinds

Deciding on the way to go for window treatments can be a little challenging, but once chosen, they can have a major impact on the entire room. In your quest, remember that you want curtains, blinds or drapes that will work well with your room’s overall décor and help you control lighting and mood, are easy to clean and maintain, and provide the privacy you need when shut. 

When selecting these items, it’s a good idea to think about function before style – but don’t worry, modern-day manufacturers such as Littlehampton Blinds have been able to crack the code and find the perfect balance between elegance and efficiency. There are now options that are guaranteed to suit every need and taste, and with features like remote control, partial dimming, and more. 

A modern coffee table

Although at first, it might seem like one of the easier pieces to pick, the right coffee table should be able to give you not only the surface space you need, but be easy to manoeuvre, too. To ensure it compliments the space and furniture you have, measure the height of your sofa’s seat before making your table purchase; a good coffee table should be at most the same height, if not lower. For an added benefit, you can invest in a table that features an extra shelf underneath, allowing you to neatly store your layers and throws when they’re not in use. 

modern scandinavian style living room interior design. 3d illustration concept
Accentuate a modern home décor with a beautifully designed coffee table

Throws and layers

After selecting the key pieces that will guarantee comfort, style, functionality, and privacy, it’s now time to think about those additional items that will add the finishing touches to the overall look and feel of your room. Accessories for furniture layering, including sofa pillows, throws, and blankets, play a vital role in giving any room a warm and homely feel. They also help provide versatility between seasons – is there anything more inviting than the prospect of curling up on the sofa and reclining on fluffy pillows, under a soft throw on a cool winter evening?

Modern elegance that inspires individuality

Now that we’ve established the key considerations when planning a luxurious modern room, prepare to add your own personal touch. From carpets and rugs to bookshelves and feature fireplaces, there’s nothing quite like a comfortable space that truly feels like your own.

By focusing on one or two main pieces, getting rid of the clutter, opting for calming colour schemes and making the most of natural light, it is possible to create an elegant space that allows the mind to rest, the body to relax and to enjoy an all-round restorative experience. After all, as they say – there truly is no place quite like home.