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Review : Home security and solutions go mobile with Piper

Providing home security and solutions on the move Piper is perfect for the travelling yet home proud consumer.

Launched in July 2014, Piper set out to become the first all-in-one home security and automation device combining panoramic video, Z-Wave home automation and environmental sensors in one device that interacts with your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).

Piper is available in black or white, blending in effortlessly with other gadgets and devices disguising it from any visitors initial perusal of the room enhanced further by its small unit size and discrete housing. Set up takes just a few moments by plugging in the device and downloading the Piper App. Once installed and your account is activated, the device is ready and raring to go with little fuss.

Once activated the Piper works in conjunction with the app to insert and apply the controls. The app enables you to choose three security modes ( home, away and vacation) which at first takes some familiarisation within the app before it becomes a smooth process, but once the initial period is over the management of the systems is streamlined and efficient.

After selecting your parameters and notification options (Phone call, text message, email, and push notifications to users and their trusted circle), you can select what information and when to receive it including a change in temperature, humidity and light with the ability to control it.

Using its 3.4 megapixel HD Panoramic camera sensor featuring a 180° fisheye lens  with electronic pan, tilt and zoom at 1080p, when you choose to use the camera to record the video quality is faultless with an additional ability allowing the mobile user to communicate with the viewer on the camera with two-way audio.

For extra security Piper features a bedside mode including an active panic button which lets users manually turn on a siren in case of an emergency adding a level of relaxation and security to the users home. Multiple Piper devices can be used, supporting up to 5 devices per home ensuring the user always has visibility when needed. In addition Piper holds the technology to integrate with Z-Wave accessories allowing remote control on a schedule or using environmental data allowing home management from afar.

Piper set out to provide a connected home solution for every household so that people worldwide spend less time managing their lives and more time living them and it does just that. Integrating into your home environment and syncing with your iOS or Android device this is must for those who want that extra level of home management from afar.

Piper comes in white and black and is available via amazon for £229.99.