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Sliding doors: Adding value to your home

Whether you’re looking to sell your luxury abode or simply want to upgrade your home so that you can enjoy your time there to the fullest, it’s easy to add a little extra value to your home with a few simple tricks. And, by choosing the right ones, you can increase functionality and aesthetic appeal both at the same time, too. All it takes is a few carefully selected additions.

One of the easiest ways to get the best of all three worlds is by having some luxurious-looking sliding door installed. Not only do they save space in houses, but they look great, too, and offer practicality and modern chic all rolled into one.

Often seen as a modern marvel of functionality, they actually go back thousands of years. The Romans were considered one of the first adopters of the sliding door concept; they hung them from the ceiling, giving extra flexibility for the doors to move easily. The first examples of the sliding door as it’s known today came after the rigorous development until progress was paused just before the second world war. Historically, some believe that the sliding door concept was borrowed from the Japanese Shoji, which was composed of wooden frames with translucent rice paper inscribed inside.

Technology today has helped advance sliding doors and added plenty to their value, too. Now, they are mostly trackless and come with a variety of designs that will effortlessly compliment the aesthetics of your beautiful home. Not only do they offer great practical value, but they are also an investment because sliding doors can add value to your home. Here’s why.

Technology today has helped advance sliding doors


Old doors have never been a good look, nor have they ever added value to a home – unless, of course, they are the original features in a listed or very old building.  A simple upgrade can bring your house up to date with ease. Some choose to install some aluminum fabrications to increase aesthetic properties of sliding doors – process that is growing in popularity as they can easily be shaped and provide a range of great durable designs. A little luxurious upgrade can turn your sliding door into a great asset, and is definitely worth the spend.

Energy saving

Heating and cooling your home can equate to the majority of your energy bills, and a constant draft from under a door can keep your heating system working on full throttle just to compensate, or cause the cooler air to seep inside your home. Sliding doors are great insulators of heat, and will efficiently help to keep your home either warm or cool, depending on the season.

Choose sliding doors that are specially designed to ensure thermal insulation for best results. Since they can also keep dust, noise, rain, and many other environmental factors out of your home, installing some can keep energy bills to a minimum as well as keeping your home clean and quiet. Let’s face it, there are far more enjoyable things to be spending your money on than gas and electric – and the environment will thank you for it, too. An energy efficient home has a far greater market value today thanks to increased demand – so now is a better time to make the change than ever.

The Romans were considered one of the first adopters of the sliding door concept; they hung them from the ceiling, giving extra flexibility for the doors to move easily

Space control

Sliding doors have a magical ability to become a door or a seamless gate into landscapes and outdoor spaces. A glass sliding door can be opened to connect your backyard to your living room, can be very beneficial when you’re hosting something and don’t want people to feel stuck and have a better flow into and out of the indoors and outdoors. The panoramic view a glass door offers can increase the value of your house by making it stylish and modern-looking.

Modern sliding doors are safer

Well-cleaned sliding doors used to be quite dangerous as they could easily shatter and severely cut an unsuspected victim. Nowadays, sliding doors are made with different materials that make them shatterproof, in addition to offering tempered glass models which make them much safer compared to traditional glass. Having a set of modern sliding doors installed will boost the value of your home by making it more children-friendly. Some sliding doors are designed to block harmful UV rays which also adds to both the safety and energy efficiency factors.

Modern contemporary living room 3d rendering image.The Rooms have wooden floors,concrete tile wall and wood lattice ceiling.furnished with brown leather furniture.There are large open doors. Overlooks to garden.
Some sliding doors are designed to block harmful UV rays which also adds to both the safety and energy efficiency factors

Efficient aesthetics

There are a range of different sliding door styles to choose from, so it is easy to choose one that is inkeeping with the look and feel of your home. Glass sliding doors can allow more natural sunlight into your house during the day, which can boost your energy and improve your mood – and if that’s not a good enough reason to invest in some, we don’t know what is.

You will no longer have to depend on artificial light all-day, which can be a major cost-efficient way of lighting your home up. And, you want to take an extra step, you can install eco-friendly sliding doors made from wood, giving you a good durable insulator that is both renewable and recyclable.

Increased fortification

It was once common for most break-ins to originate from a vulnerable sliding door, but this is no longer the case. Increased innovation in security mechanisms has made it very difficult for intruders to enter, and jimmying the lock is no longer enough. Barricades and reinforced glass make sliding doors an additional security feature in themselves – and no matter how fancy a neighborhood you live in, thi can really make your house look great in the eyes of potential buyers.