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Soak and relax with All American Spa

All American Spa

Whether you desire a relaxed night of luxury or an exciting social gathering, there’s truly nothing more pleasing than a warm soak in a deep hot tub. Turn the jets up, pour yourself a glass of your favourite bubbly, and allow every muscle in your body to relax… And making this luxury experience even more spectacular are the hot tub specialists at All American Spa.

Formed in 2015 by Blue Whale Spa and two of America’s most renowned hot tub manufacturers – Strong Spa and Premium Leisure – the All American Spa brand stands as a new industry powerhouse. Its ideology is to deliver 100% American-made hot tubs to consumers all over the world – something that it’s already achieving with apparent ease: the newly founded business currently provides quality products to more than 5000 customers spread across the whole of the UK and Europe, and is even associated with high profile partners such as Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance and Costco.

All American Spa

The brand’s impressive range of luxury bubble-making machines covers everything from five person tubs, to mammoth seven person tubs; with jet numbers starting at 22 and reaching as high as 50. While there are many amazing tubs featured within the All American Spa’s indulgent range, there is one in particular that caught Luxury Lifestyle Magazine’s eye: a stunning £8500 tub with six seats named the Golden Isles.

A spokesperson from All American Spa summarised the Golden Isles tub by saying “you simply will not find an American-made acrylic hot tub of this specification for a better price anywhere in the United Kingdom.” And we concur… Below, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine invites you to explore the many amazing features of the Golden Isles hot tub.

All American Spa

Seated serenity

When soothing your body in a hot tub, one of the most important qualities is comfort. Luckily, the Golden Isles provides comfort as willingly as a child’s favourite blanket.

Measuring 231cm squared and 91cm tall, the deep unit immerses users in its curvaceous walls and encourages a pleasant bathing experience. As a result, the one lounge seat and five other luxurious seats that are included feel incredibly generous. The comfortable shapes of these seats are a result of high-end machine cut moulding that creates the most ergonomic seating positions possible. Four soft black headrests also allow bathers to lean back, close their eyes, and relax.

All American Spa

One-touch interactivity

Once comfort is found it deserves to remain undisturbed and keeping the peace is the Golden Isles’ exclusive Balboa control panel. With a bright touchscreen panel and Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options, users are able to alter a whole host of the tub’s features with total ease, whether that is the temperature of the water, the colour of the LED mood lights, the setting of the filtration cycle, or even the positioning of the tub’s air valves. The latter even allows for direct control of the airflow inside the tub’s 50 jets, meaning those in control can create a massage strength that meets their needs.

All American Spa

Powerful pumps

Two exclusively designed jet pumps generate the spa’s power and are situated as close to the spa’s seats as possible. This means minimal energy is lost in delivering the greatest hydromassage performance available. The intelligence and dual speed nature of some these pumps also means that those using the hot tub can choose between two speeds: a slower, calming mode or a full speed mode that promises a fantastic massage.

An abundance of jets

The Golden Isles’ bubbly water comes from 50 stainless steel jets that are designed by one of the USA’s leading suppliers. However, not every jet has the same job. Like a well-organised beehive, each individual jet has a specific role, and they all come together to create a brilliant buzz. For example, directional jets allow bathers to adjust independent nozzles to create a bespoke massage; smaller jets provide a concentrated stream of water for a focussed kneading; and larger jets deliver muscle relaxing hydrotherapy. Finally, a large multi-jet that sits in one of the corner seats exerts an elaborate pulsation.

All American Spa

Party pleasers

A party is only as good as the entertainment provided by the host, and a hot tub with all the bells and whistles is sure to score highly. Thankfully, the Golden Isles spa has a whole host of simple but effective features that will have guests queuing for their turn.

A large LED master lamp in the base of the shell adds atmospheric colour to any party scene and can be changed to suit the mood via the control panel. The LED theme is also continued in the tub’s two illuminated water fountains, which can be adjusted with a topside valve to deliver either an exciting or relaxing mood depending on the moment.

All American Spa

Finishing off the list of party essential features is something that even seems to be lacking in some cars nowadays… cup holders! The Golden Isles hot tub has two illuminated cup holders to make it easy for users to find their drinks when the night gets late.

Energy efficiency

The list of features and the power emitted by this luxury hot tub might have you running scared for fear of a hefty electricity bill whenever you boil the bubbles up. However, the tub is in fact the epitome of market-leading efficiency thanks to a high-grade insulation system that has seen it pass the standards of the rigorous California Energy Commission. An ABS pan that’s fixed to the bottom of the unit aids this efficiency further by locking in extra heat and keeping out unwanted moisture.

All American Spa

The icing on the… tub

Setting up a hot tub is not without its challenges, but thankfully free delivery and installation comes as standard with any All American Spa tub. As well as free delivery and installation, the Golden Isles in particular comes with a whole list of hot tub essentials: an insulation cover, chemical pack, heavy-duty steps, a spare filter, and more, making it fantastic value for money.

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