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Stay productive while working from home with a home office design that suits you

By LLM Reporters on 15th February 2021

With February feeling like it has more days than ever before, those of us working from home – including some with additional responsibilities to boot – are no doubt finding it quite a drag.

Many found a new way of working last spring, and they had to quickly set up a temporary home office. Some transformed a spare room, while others have been making do with a desk in a corner of a room, or worse – the dining table.

When working at home, it is far too easy to get distracted with housework or family members, and you often end up spending extra time on the job just because the desk is there, and the work needs to be done. Creating a separate and productive environment to complete your work effectively is so important. It enables you to leave the office behind each day and spend those free hours doing other tasks to nourish the mind and body for an all-around positive wellbeing.

To stay productive at home, some need a comfortable space with music, while others require a completely clutter-free, professional-style arrangement. Whatever style of workspace suits you, we are here to help. Read on for four home office design styles that can make you a more productive worker.



If you’re the type of person who hates to see any clutter, then the minimalist office style is the one for you. To be productive while working, you need to concentrate on the tasks at hand and not be distracted by thoughts of tidying up, so a clear and polished environment will work in your favour.

A sleek, clean design with unfussy patterns will work well for you. Remember to hide unnecessary items in drawers and cupboards so that your mind can focus solely on work. Keep colours calm, even monochrome, and your chair comfortable. For those with cluttered minds, a to-do list highlighting the importance of tasks is a must.

Tech haven

If you like the feeling of a typical office (minus the awful fluorescent lighting) to keep you as productive as possible, then you certainly can achieve this atmosphere at home. Better still, you have the space at home to incorporate a few added extras to make your day run even more smoothly.

Adding clever design features and technology to your workspace helps you to stay on track with your work and avoid any distractions, discomfort or wasted precious minutes.

How can you achieve this? The most important element is the desk. Make sure it is in a well-lit part of the room with the ability to transform into a standing desk like those found at Updowndesk. Once you have the perfect desk, you can focus on enhancing your office with smart features, such as lighting and climate controls, smart speakers and, of course, the latest equipment to make sure no work goes unmissed.

Old-school gentlemen’s office


You like a bit of style, and you strive to embody a persona that makes you a more efficient worker. Therefore, an elegant yet bold office design should work in your favour.

Who do you want to be? James Bond’s boss, M? Head of the Peaky Blinders, Thomas Shelby? Commanding a presence and transporting you to another time, an old-style gentlemen’s office will be your top choice.

Imagine wood-panelled walls, a drinks cabinet set inside a globe, lots of cherry wood or walnut furniture and a desk chair fit for royalty. The minute you settle yourself in for a day’s work, your demeanour will take on a whole new vibe, and you’ll be set for success.

Cosy retreat


While some people simply need a clear space to work, other brains work better with a little organised chaos. Whether that’s achieved by playing music, lounging on a sofa with comfy cushions, or surrounding yourself with plants galore to create a cosy retreat, do what you feel makes you a productive worker.

As well as oxygenating the environment, plants are said to increase productivity by up to 15 per cent, so make sure there is enough natural light to nourish them, and you’ll be feeding off their energy to boost your productivity. Make this a cosy space to which you enjoy returning. After all, a cosy spot with surroundings that nourish your well-being can make you so much more productive.