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Style your interiors with dynamic dimensional art


Creating trail blazing, evocative abstract dimensions in wall art, Dimensional Art Designer Kishore Iyengar uplifts interior spaces with boldly rendered, vibrant compositions in unusual mediums that create futuristic space-thetics.

He works in diverse art styles employing off-beat and unusual materials, substances, techniques and eco-sensitive art credo that does not comply, conform or commit to any ‘artistic’ norms. He likes to be recognized for his unpredictable creativity and fascination for textures, finishes, forms with physical character. His experimentative quest has taken him from his base in Mumbai – India to the remotest regions of his country and overseas, furrowing out human attitudes hidden behind unknown historic layers of centuries-old basal expressions.

His works in interiors and space design and Dimensionalism© art in India and the United States have found patrons worldwide. His multi-dimensional artworks have been honored at the Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt (House of World Culture) in Berlin, Germany as exceptional living multi-dimensional art forms placing his irascible creativity and pursuit of the atypical, non-stereotype, quite distinctly aloof. Have a look at Kishore Iyengar’s abstract art Mind Spaces that moves your senses in a thought provoking and visually inviting momentum dictated with ecological assertion.

Printemp Pomp – Photo retouching inks on Indian handmade paper with black and gold marble finish Indian handmade card and parched handmade card patches border

Kishore has been creating his customized Dimensional Art for multinational banks and global companies, corporate conglomerates, serious art connoisseurs, reputed global institutions and blue chip organizations in India and overseas for over three decades. He also creates customized thematic interior design concepts and has completed projects in star hospitality design and domestic spaces in India and the United States.

Modern contemporary home, office and public interiors need cutting edge identity and character, which go beyond the now very clichéd and outdated minimalistic oeuvres of design populism. Here, Kishore’s abstract art tick mark expressionism with forms that go beyond standardization and modular design metrics. The result is innocent, pure and genuine curiosity in our environment, brought alive in direct colors that define décor and design character distinctly.

Meadows – Silk screen inks and acrylics on Indian handspun cloth with black self mount

The Dimensionalism encrypted in Kishore Iyengar’s abstracts are woven with unusual and unexpected materials, as mentioned earlier. Industrial silk screen inks, Indian handspun cloth, Indian handmade paper, textured and parched Indian handmade card, gold marble finish handmade cards, now-extinct photo retouching inks all find expression through textured abstract landscape forms that define our mental and surrounding physical ecology as our singular perceptions.

Check out Kishore’s diverse renditions here, that indent and impress smart interiors and definitive spaces which welcome warmth, cheer, positivity, calm and permeating peace, -the only ultimate core factors that foster sustainable quality living and true value existence. The artworks bring in the outdoors within interior spaces with contrasting freshness, the textures striking familiarity and curiosity in equal measure.

In the acrylic and textured abstracts, Kishore’s works harp on the myriad formative recognitions of our landscapes, cajoling our mental faculties to relate to our very own Mindscapes that define our thoughts, attitudes, views and lifestyles.

Molten Gold – Acrylic and resin on handmade paper mounted on Indian gold marble finish handmade card

In his bright and almost fluorescent artworks rendered with photo retouching inks he impresses upon the urgent and desperate need to respect, revere and revive our environment swiftly and synergizing with Nature’s authentic presence and her vital preservation as the only way out of the increasingly self-serving, destructive egoistic manipulations of humans. The inked colors cast a spell of tints and tones that waltz with each other in seamless blends prodding your mind into exploring imagination and wonder-filled possibilities that we all sometimes indulge in.

Creating thematic art specifically to enhance home and public interiors, Kishore Iyengar regales in going in for totally unknown techniques in creating his Dimensional Art and multi-dimensional muralistic multi-dimensional wall sculptures with eco-friendly substances that take on surprisingly fascinating expressions.

He can be reached by mobile on 91-9820203550 or at