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The key pieces you need for your luxury living room in 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  January 7, 2021
living room

Planning on upgrading your abode in 2021 but don’t know where to start? If there’s one room you should always begin a home overhaul with then it’s your living room.

The heart of every humble home – and of course, every luxurious one, too – it’s the place where you relax, spend time with family, and most importantly, entertain guests. And, while socialising in such a way might currently remain off the agenda, it certainly won’t last forever, so what better time to inject a bit of style and sophistication into your lounge ahead of its great return?

Furnishing any room from scratch can feel daunting, but it’s often easier to give yourself a clean slate on which to work so that you can choose the overall aesthetic as well as the finer details. While a few tweaks here and there and some new and improved pieces of high-end furniture can go a long way to making over any space, the best results happen when you start from the foundations.

Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme though, it’s onto the fun part: furniture shopping. There are certain key pieces that every luxury living room should feature, and the right style choices will add that healthy dose of glamour you’re seeking with ease.

The sofa


Your main sofa is likely to be the largest single outlay in your living room, and in most cases, makes for the perfect centrepiece. Having a focal point will make it easier to design the rest of your room around it, especially when you know how much space you have left to work with, so this is the most important thing to get right.

To ensure that you make the most of your room, opt for a made-to-order sofa rather than ordering a pre-made piece. Most luxury furniture stores will be willing and able to cater to your needs, and will go out of their way to help you get one that is just right for you – from the measurements to the upholstery, and everything in between.

Think of the room as a whole when making your choice, and envisage how your other key pieces might look arranged around it. As always, when it comes to interior design, less is more, so avoid choosing anything too big or bulky as this could overwhelm your space and leave little room for anything else.

The chairs


If a two or three seater won’t be enough to accommodate family and friends once the current climate returns to normal and you plan to entertain often, you might want to add some additional chairs to create a more welcoming environment. There is nothing luxurious about having to sit on the floor, so spare yourself the embarrassment.

There are no standard sizes here – it all comes down to working with your room size and configuration to work out the best possible set up. If you’ve gone for a statement sofa, keep chairs understated, but if you’ve opted for a plain backdrop and a conservative-coloured sofa, for example, grey, then you can have some fun here. Look for plush, tactile textures and unique designs – gone are the days when furniture choices had to match, and it’s a chance to inject a little personality into your home.

The coffee table

living room

The perfect partner for every beautiful sofa is an aesthetically pleasing coffee table. This works particularly well when placed atop a statement rug and makes for a pleasing focal point for your guests when seated – as well as providing you with a space on which to display plants, magazines or anything else you would like.

Once again though, you’ll want to avoid any clutter on your surface, so choose one or two items carefully rather than ten or twenty. Overkill is the fastest way to put paid to that luxury feel you’re striving to create. Allow space of 35-40cm between your coffee table and any surrounding seating to ensure that you and your guests can move in and out with ease.

The rug

sofa living room rug

The rug itself is another key consideration, and can make or break the feel of any opulent room. Pick a large one which will allow all guests to have their feet on it while seated and create a grand overall feel. In our opinion, the bigger the better – particularly if you have wooden floors. If, however, yours are carpeted, then be careful to avoid clashing patterns and colours, which could ruin the aesthetic.

The extras

Once you’ve nailed down the essentials, it’s time to have some fun – this is the time to pick out your accessories and room accents to add a bit of life and individuality.

Depending on your taste and the style of room you’ve opted for, this might include large pieces of thought-provoking art to hang on the walls, big, free-standing plants arranged around the fireplace or some cushions, throws and blankets in complementary colours arranged strategically on sofas and seating to add interest and warmth.

This could also provide you with the opportunity to showcase your passions by including items such as the latest sound systems, cinema style screens or even wondrous musical instruments like Shigeru pianos to delight your guests with. There are no hard and fast rules here, other than keeping your space relatively minimalistic and maintaining tidiness at all times to retain that luxury feel.

New year, new living room? We can’t think of a better excuse to inject some new life into yours – and it couldn’t be easier to achieve.