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The most luxurious looking paint colours according to an interior expert

Everyone needs a bit of luxury occasionally, but have you ever thought that a quick and easy way of adding a touch of luxury to your rooms is by choosing the right paint colour? Decorating with paint can instantly transform a faded room and make it look more clean, bright and elegant. Speaking to interior expert, Paul Fishpool from Rigby and Rigby, he gives his thoughts on the most luxurious looking paint colours to help you choose and create your dream, luxury scheme around your home.

Make the space brighter and bigger with tonal whites

Image credit: Surrey Painting Group

As you can see from the interior photo above, white paint always reflects the environment around it. The ease of matching white to your kitchenware and virtually any other colour gives the impression that you are thoughtful and sophisticated in the decoration of your home. Choosing a tonal white not only makes smaller rooms look much larger but can make ceilings appear higher, showing how a simple paint change can create the illusion of more space. Not only does white make the room look more spacious, but it creates a clean, minimalist feel to every room.

Choose a warm and welcoming green

Image credit: Direct Painting Group

It is no secret that green symbolises prosperity whilst providing a fresh, renewed look to any dull room. Painting your walls green is a unique choice but one that will stimulate a clear mind and the feeling of peace due to its natural, earthy tones. From lime greens to rich emeralds, green is the perfect colour scheme to accentuate luxury notes of gold and white whilst still providing that welcoming feel.

Add peace and tranquility with blues

Blue is an adaptable colour that can make a room look rich and royal if you were to choose a deep shade, or light, bright and friendly feeling. It is the most universally preferred color, perhaps due to its versatile qualities and timelessly contemporary feel. It is also a shade that is scientifically proven to stimulate calmness and serenity, so you will always feel at peace in your modern home.

Be brave with bold but beautiful browns

Brown has been a very misinterpreted shade that did not used to be a popular interior colour, due to fear of it making a room look dirty and dull looking. However, the past few years have seen a huge shift in this perception with deep chocolate browns symbolizing wealth and a wholesome home. Brown walls can be perfectly contrasted with light furnishings, making the room look a lot more defined and luxurious.

Opt for dusky oranges

Orange is a vibrant colour that stimulates and excites the senses. Opting for a dusky, more muted version of orange creates an equally inviting atmosphere but with a sophisticated, contemporary twist. Light oranges can look more tender and romantic and by layering bold accent colours like gold on top of this, it can form the luxurious look you are striving for in your home.

Select rich and romantic greys

Calming, sophisticated and rich toned – grey is the perfect colour for any interior designer wishing to inject understated luxury into a home. It is the ideal colour to be contrasted with, providing that balanced but beautiful look to any room. If you can’t decide on one shade of grey, try layering different grey tones to create a classy and minimalistic vibe.

Say yes to muted yellows

Yellow does not always have to be an intimidating, bold sunshine colour that takes over the whole room. Choosing the right shade of yellow is crucial but when done correctly, it can be the ideal and unique way to add a luxurious natural neutral shade to your room. A muted yellow wall can bring out decorative accents and statement furniture, bringing out the luxury elements of your home.