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The top 4 luxury bedroom design ideas for 2020

By Lexi Goodland  |  December 23, 2019

The new year brings with it the best opportunity you could have all year to re centre, redefine and reboot, and this year is no exception. As we quickly approach January 1st, we are given the prime time to reflect on past decisions and future hopes, especially in the realms of design and decor.

When it comes to your bedroom, some may already be blessed with the one of their dreams, whilst others may be dying for a change. If you fall into the latter category, the new year may be the exact symbolic kick start you need for a luxury bedroom revamp, and we’ve got the top bedroom design ideas for 2020 to get you going.


A cluttered space rarely ever evokes a calm and positive feeling. In order to create an atmosphere of tranquility within your bedro om, adopt the art of minimalism and a ‘less is more’ attitude. Try removing everything from your room and starting fresh; sort out your pillows, blankets, bed sheets, accessories and whatever else you might have lying around, and keep only what you need an d use and make sure you are as ruthless as possible! If there is anything you feel you don’t use or don’t want, then be rid of it. If you do find yourself in need of a furniture update, especially in regard to your bed, be sure to check out the best double divan beds from the Sleep Station. Once you have sorted through everything, you can start reorganising and rearranging what is left to create your spacious and decluttered bedroom. When replacing everything it is best to avoid leaving too much on display as more of this may send you straight back to square one.

Sustainable materials

The environmentally friendly attitude is hardly groundbreaking these days, it is the enforcement of this attitude in a physical and visible way that is looking to be quite the rage this year. The world of design is embracing that which is sustainable, renewable and recycled, and baring it for all to see in the form of natural materials such as exposed woods, stone and brick. You can experiment with these materials as back boards, bed frames, ceiling beams, feature walls, flooring, pretty much anything that your heart may desire. You may even want to try your hand at repurposing furniture and fabrics, find the beauty and potential in something old and used and transform it into a unique addition to your bedroom, after all upcycling is the new couture.

Space and light

Space and natural light are things to strive for in a bedroom. Very much related to the idea of minimalism, space can be achieved in a room, even one that is slightly smaller, by reducing the amount of clutter and unnecessary items in it. If you have the opportunity to add additional windows into your room you can let in as much natural light as possible, if not, using mirrors is a great way to bounce what light you do have around the room. Using pale or light shades on the majority of walls can open your bedroom up and create a spacious and harmonious atmosphere as well as the ideal neutral pallet in which you can then add colour to.

Jewel colours

This is where the colour comes in. Design experts are living for jewel tone accents that can add that final finishing pop of colour to your bedroom. These vivid and pigmented shades, from emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, turquoise, magenta, indigo (and the list goes on!), are beautifully rich hues that can be layered delicately in your bedroom through paints, accessories, rugs, curtains, upholsteries and furnishings, to enhance the contrast against a neutral backdrop and natural elements, as well as being the perfect way for you to express your own personality within the room and add that final touch of luxury.