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Three key benefits of having your own spa

Ever left a spa session and thought ‘I wish I could do that more often’?

With a home spa, you could. A trip out to the spa is a rare treat for most, but a home spa makes indulgence just another part of your day that could be life-changing, and here are three reasons why.

With your own spa, your life has a built-in escape hatch

In Finland, no-one builds a house without a sauna

In Finland, no-one builds a house without a sauna. Retreating to the sauna after a long day is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. All the way back to when farmers would soothe away their aches and pains in a smoky pit in the ground.

Things have moved on since then, but Finns of all ages still take saunas most days. They’d no more give it up than they’d give up showering.

Why? Because having a spa or sauna at home means you have space to relax and decompress, whenever you want it. You can get away from your phone, your laptop and that endless feeling that you ‘should’ be doing something, any time you like.

That’s incredibly valuable. Most of us are busy, most of the time. We rush from work, to school pick-up, to a night out while constantly checking our emails and never really stopping. It’s hard to find either the time, or even the reason, to step off the treadmill.

A home spa is a perfect reason. No need to make an appointment or space in your diary. You can just step in whenever you have a spare half hour and let time stand still for a while.

And the best bit? You can’t take your phone into the spa.

Having a spa or sauna at home means you have space to relax and decompress, whenever you want it

A home spa will help you sleep

Most of us don’t get enough sleep. The average Brit gets just six hours and 19 minutes a night, much less than the recommended eight hours.

That’s a problem because not getting enough sleep can have some pretty scary consequences. It’s known that lack of sleep increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It can cause weight gain, damage your cognitive skills and impact your sex life.

Why don’t we sleep? Usually, because we don’t make time to clear our minds before going to bed. Using technology late at night and working at home in the evenings means we just can’t separate day and night. That makes it really hard to switch off and sleep.

Twenty minutes in the spa before bed can change all that. In a steam bath or sauna, you’re forced to focus on nothing but relaxation. When you’re done, you’re ready to tumble into bed and get that precious eight hours.

A home spa offers a range of health benefits

It’s all yours

Day spas are great…but they’re someone else’s dream. A home spa is all yours to indulge in. You can keep it completely minimal or add extras like aromatherapy and built-in speakers. Want a rustic feel and a view of the outside world? Or a cave-like retreat with luxury tiles and salt bricks?

Pretty much anything you’ve found and loved in your visits to spas over the years can be re-created at home with a little imagination. And of course, there’s no receptionist to speak to or fellow guests to cramp your style. It’s just you and the steam…