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Top 5 barbecues to buy this summer

With the sun beaming and the barbecue season just around the corner, the moment has finally come to prepare for this delicious time of the year.

The highly awaited National BBQ Week returns for the 23rd time this year and will commence on the 27th of May, lasting up until the 2nd of June; although feel free to have as many BBQ’s as you wish afterwards!

Investing in a high-quality grill is essential if you wish to fully enjoy the exquisite al fresco dining that is headed your way. Luckily for you, we have done all the necessary research in order to highlight the top five barbecues that you should consider purchasing this season.

There are several factors to consider when attempting to buy a barbecue: shape, size, gas or electric. Our list will offer you a variety to choose from in order for you to create all those extraordinary barbecued flavours; no expenses spared.

5. Weber Genesis® II E-410 GBS Gas Barbecue, £1099.00

Manufacturing superior barbecues for 67 years, Weber has gained unparalleled experience and knowledge when it comes to creating the perfect grilling machine and the E-410 GBS in the Genesis II series is included in our list for several reasons.

With four powerful burners and a high capacity cooking area, you will be able to serve all your food at the same time, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the delicious meal together.

The cast iron Gourmet BBQ System cooking grate allows for a variety of menu options to be explored and this can easily be done by replacing the easily removable centre of the GBS cooking grate with one of the seven accessories.

By using one of the several accessories available, you will be able to cook anything from breakfast, roasting a chicken or even preparing a pizza on your grill, and with a cooking area of 86 x 48, there will be plenty of space to create.

This exquisite barbecue is available to buy from the official Weber website.

4. Traeger Pro D2 575, £799.00

Known as their most popular barbecue, the Traeger Pro D2 575 is versatile and easy to use, inevitably making it one of our top five choices for 2019.

Featuring the digital pro controller, which includes dual meat probes, this barbecue will cook your food perfectly each time and with 572 square inches of grilling space, all your good will receive an evenly rich, wood-fired taste.

The latest version of the Pro grill has been redefined with all-terrain wheels, which allows for the accessibility of moving your grill to wherever you wish, and the sawhorse chassis offers perfect stability.

The perfected Traeger series has improved temperature control as the newly installed Digital Pro Controller has Advanced Grilling Logic in order to keep temperatures strictly within a +/- 15 degrees F to guarantee flawless grilling.

Whilst wood pellet BBQs are more expensive to run than charcoal or gas grills, the wide variety a dual meat probes and extra grill rack makes the new and improved Pro D2 575 by Traeger is a fantastic choice for all your barbecued meals.

Those wishing to purchase the Traeger Pro D2 575 can buy it from

3. Char-Broil Kamander, £629.00

The Kamander from the American barbecue king, Char-Broil, brings flavours to life as the porcelain-coated 20-inch cast iron grill perfectly seals the heat and moisture.

Temperatures range from 50˚C to 345˚C and the numbered dial on the top gives you the option of controlling the amount of heat and smoke escaping from the barbecue, therefore giving you complete control.

Cooking with the Kamander will be effortless, as all you really need to do is sit back, relax and wait. One of the amazing features of this barbecue is that even with a small amount of charcoal and with both dampers opened, the heat will consistently remain a roasting 300˚C for approximately three hours.

Despite being incredibly effective when cooking your meals perfectly, the Kamander is exceptionally efficient in consuming less than 1kg of charcoal, therefore making it a worthy investment.

Foldable side-shelves are convenient in order to prepare without having to clutter your space, whilst the foldable warming grate will keep all your food warm as you continue preparing the meal.

Weighing a ton, this intriguingly designed barbecue will cook your food perfectly, whether that is grilling, roasting, slow cooking or even smoking; improving your al fresco dining has never been easier.

Available to purchase from

2. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FORCE 2 Burner Gas BBQ, £599.00

The gracefully designed grill by the impressively creative Heston Blumenthal is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing barbecues on the market, and with four luxurious colours available, you’re simply spoilt for choice.

Not only is it an attractive design, but it is also simple to use in order for you to easily and quickly cook anything you wish, as it rapidly heats up its two independently-controlled burners within five minutes, reaching its maximum temperature of 350˚C.

With an exemplary build, the FORCE 2 Burner Gas barbecue boasts the most faultless gas controllers in the business. The die-cast aluminium frame and hood ensure that the food is cooked evenly each time without actually having to do that much, making each meal effortless.

This minimalist grill gives enough space for six to eight people, as it features a large 2358cm2 cooking area and its vitreous enamel coated cast iron plates allows for a very easy clean.

This exquisite barbecue is available to buy from John Lewis.

Char-Broil Gas2Coal 440, £579.99

The greatness of this hybrid grill, aside from the price, is that it gives you a choice between gas or charcoal and even allows you to combine the two at the same time — what more do you need?

Including two separate coal trays, the new Char-Broil 440 ‘converts from gas to charcoal in less than 60 seconds without requiring any tools’. The charcoal does not require any lighters as you can simply ignite with the gas burners.

Four stainless steel burners, each one assembled with stable cast iron grates, offers enough space to prepare deliciously grilled food for the entire family to enjoy.

A temperature gauge placed on the lid allows for an easy and quick read of the rising heat, whilst the inclusion of four casters (two locking) ensures effortless mobility; simplicity at its best.

An additional side burner is available in order to warm up side dishes or cook sauces, whilst a warming rack keeps your food hot, as you finish serving to your family and friends.

The removable grease tray and high-quality cast-iron grill plates make it an easy barbecue to clean; no longer will you spend hours making it look spotless.

Considering all the aforementioned factors, the Gas2Coal 440 by Char-Broil is at the top of our list for many justifiable reasons, and with a price such as this, is there truly a reason to not invest in this sublime innovation?

Available to purchase online from