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Updating your conservatory or garden room for 2021

By LLM Reporters  |  April 15, 2021
Garden room, conservatory

When it comes to home and garden design, the trend for bringing the outdoors indoors and vice versa continues this year, with plants and foliage making their way into our abodes and our gardens becoming an extension of our living space.

Conservatories and garden rooms have long been an expression of this before it became a trend in itself, and in 2021, they are set to get an upgrade. The conservatories of today are chic and ultra-modern, and where furnishings and decor in here were once an afterthought when compared with the rest of the house, this year, they will become a part of the wider aesthetic, with a move towards creating a continuous flow from room to room with a running theme throughout conservatories, lounge and dining rooms.

If your conservatory or garden room is looking a little tired, then as we head towards the end of lockdown and a return to social gatherings, there’s no better time to give yours a makeover that is certain to impress your guests at your next garden party, barbecue or summer soiree – and create a beautiful space to spend your time in, too.

Embrace the environment

Seating area in a conservatory
Create a cohesive feel by using the same colour scheme of your home in your garden

The environment inside a conservatory has traditionally been a world away from that of the rest of the home. The humidity is higher, and the glass walls and ceiling create an atmosphere all of its own, with temperatures often unseasonably warm during the day and cold at night. Enjoying so much natural light, they can largely regulate the temperature themselves, and due to their tendency towards overheating during the summer months, they lend themselves to light colour schemes and minimalistic furniture to create a holiday-like feel.

Although darker colours might create a cosy feel that feels great in the winter months, they can also close a room in and make it feel much smaller, too – whereas a conservatory or garden room should feel like an extension of your home. By maintaining the same uplifting colour scheme throughout your home and out into your garden, employing simple design and minimal decor, you can create a cohesive feel that will make it feel instantly more elegant and luxurious.

Upgrade your furnishings

Patio with garden furniture and parasol
Place comfortable furnishings in your conservatory to create a stylish and cosy area

If you already have some conservatory furniture you once loved but are growing tired of the design – or perhaps can’t find a matching set to go in your living room – then it couldn’t be easier to update what you’ve already got. As we move to a more sustainable way of living centred around less waste, it’s also a more environmentally friendly approach to home design.

Getting some replacement cane furniture cushions is an easy place to start. These can usually be sourced from a conservatory room design specialist, and you can have some fun picking out colours and fabrics to make your new furniture entirely unique.

Dress up your windows

Conservatories and garden rooms have come back into fashion over the last few years

Although one of the main appeals of a conservatory is the natural light it is flooded with throughout the day, there may come a time when you find yourself craving a little extra privacy or want to protect your garden room from prying eyes when not in use. Shutters are a great way to dress things up a bit as well, offering a practical function – even if you only ever plan on keeping them open. Earthen designs, sophisticated carvings and simple cuts will add elegance and flair to even the most simplistic of windows and rooms.

If you’d prefer something a little simpler, then roller blinds are a good choice where space is minimal – link them up to your smart home tech so that you can open them at the touch of a button, wherever you are in your house or garden.

Seated sophistication

Seating area in an outdoor terrace
Seating can be chosen with specific functions, such as a casual dining space, sociable area or quiet reading spot

An elegant swing seat is an essential element of any contemporary conservatory room, adding to the look and appeal of the entire space and instantly making you feel welcome and at home. If you’re working with a smaller space, however, then a window seat lined with comfortable cushions can make for a dreamy reading nook with plenty of natural light.

Whatever type of seating you opt for, there is no need to compromise on style for comfort or vice versa. Opt for some design elements and accessories to add sophistication to the wider room – try a selection of pots filled with foliage and plants, hang some art on the walls, and make use of some reed diffusers or scented candles to create an all-round luxurious feel.

There is no limit to the options available when choosing your conservatory or garden room decor and furnishings. Shop at your favourite conservatory furniture and decor store, and you’ll find some trendy pieces that would go well around any luxury home.