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Why are loft conversions in London popular?

By LLM Reporters  |  November 27, 2020

Loft conversions have long been a popular choice for those looking to extend their living space, often saving people who require more space form having to move to a new house. Though home renovations take place throughout the world, there has been a growing trend among homeowners across London in particular who are investing in loft conversions.

Today, we’re looking at exactly why loft conversions are so popular in London and it begins with ‘going up’.

The benefits of loft conversions in the city

Rather than being a passing trend, like a lot of home improvements, loft conversions have become hugely popular, and that popularity only looks set to grow. But why is this?

‘Going up’ increases the value of your property

Property value increase

By creating a bigger living space, you will automatically increase the value of your home. While it’s not possible to tell exactly how much your property will increase by, it is clear that a loft renovation is one of the most efficient ways to increase your property’s value, and it is something that will hold its value.

One of the main benefits is that you are increasing your living space from an area previously unused, and you get to keep your outdoor space unlike when carrying out regular home extensions, which can often eat up that precious garden space and potentially affect the value. Whether you’re adding a home office or an entire master bedroom and en-suite, watch your property value increase more than you thought possible.

Cost-effective in comparison

When compared to the likes of regular home extensions, loft conversions are actually incredibly cost-effective. Why? Because the space you’re wanting to create is essentially already there. Regular side or back extensions (if the space is available in the first place) require a hell of a lot of work before the first brick is even laid, from footings to drainage. Compare this to a loft conversion which simply entails converting your loft space that’s already in place, it saves an incredible amount of money and still provides you with added living space.

The most cost-effective way to create permanent additional living space is by converting your loft

Avoid unnecessary costs

For some, the idea of moving home is a no-brainer; you get the additional space you’re looking for without the hassle of having works carried out on your home while you’re living there. Moving home however, isn’t without its drawbacks and one of the biggest happens to be the associated costs. Average house moving costs can be around £31,000, and while there is a stamp duty break at the moment, this will be ending in 2021.

It’s also worth noting that the stamp duty break only goes up to a certain value and only works for those buying their first or only home. Buying a second property means that you’ll not only be exempt from the stamp duty break, but you’ll also be incurring a rather large bill. Throw in additional moving costs such as removal fees, estate agent fees and even solicitors and it’s easy to see how the costs soon start to build up, often costing more than a simple loft conversion would have set you back in the first place.

Costs will vary depending on the type of conversion you opt for

More convenient

When it comes to extending your home, many associate it immediately with planning headaches and obstacles all along the way. While no project will be problem free, with the help of experts such as Clapham Construction Service, loft conversion specialists in London, you can rest assured that all of that will be dealt with for you. Not only that, but loft conversions – as mentioned previously – are simply making use of space that’s already there. That often means far less obstacles throughout the planning process, making it not only quicker but more cost-effective too.

Keep your outdoor space

In London, additional living space is a must for most, however outdoor space is like gold dust and using that to create a home extension can sometimes leave you with a great amount of indoor living space and next to nothing outside. Not only will this be a huge negative in terms of lifestyle, especially during the warmer months but it will also have a negative impact in terms of property value and appeal overall.

With a loft conversion, however, you get the benefit of the added living space without having to compromise on your outdoor space. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds with ease and, we might add, at a much more cost-effective rate.

Making sure you choose the right workers for the job is paramount

Just crack on

The benefits we’ve spoken about above are enough to sway anyone considering home renovations towards a loft conversion however, they aren’t the only benefits. As we’ve previously touched upon, loft conversions often offer a far simpler planning permission process, if it’s even needed. In some cases, it can fall under permitted development, which means planning permission may not even be required at all, allowing people to head straight into creating their plans and beginning work almost immediately.

Compare this with what can be rather convoluted planning permission applications and building regulation approvals for full side extensions or even the process of selling your property to buy another and it simple does not compare.

Contact the experts

If you’d like help and advice when it comes to creating a loft conversion in your home, in a cost-effective manner, swift and efficient manner, we highly recommend contacting the likes of Clapham Construction Service who have become one of London’s leading loft conversion specialists. With decades in this particular industry, they’ve become true experts who’ll be able to advise you from start to finish, ensuring a smooth process all the way. Want a free loft conversion quote and consultation? Call Clapham Construction Service now on 0203 950 7957.