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Working out from home: How to set up your own home gym for the best results

From setting aside space to choosing the equipment to staying motivated, we take a look at what makes the ideal gym set up.

By LLM Reporters  |  April 27, 2022

It’s not just working from home that has become more widespread since the pandemic, as those who enjoy regularly working out have found a new way to ensure they stay motivated by creating a dedicated fitness space in their home.

Those who like to work out on the regular have struggled with widespread gym closures over the past two years, which resulted in the need to create some form of exercise room in their home. Now that gyms and fitness classes are back in full swing, it seems many fitness enthusiasts have gotten quite used to the freedom of having their own equipment in their own space, resulting in less time waiting for particular machines or having to wait for quieter time slots to attend public gyms.

Whatever your reasons for contemplating setting up a home gym, you might just be pleasantly surprised to learn how straightforward the process can be. Below, we take a look at how to bring the gym to your home.  

Set aside a dedicated space

home gym

You may think that you need to set aside a large space to fit lots of equipment into, and if you want to that’s perfectly fine, but if you don’t then fear not as personal trainer Shayna Schmidt tells House Beautiful: “All you need is a 6 ft by 6 ft square of space. Seriously, that’s it.” 

In this case, there’s no excuse not to set aside a small area in your living room, bedroom, spare room or other where you can store your equipment and head to for a workout. If, however, you’re envisioning creating a dedicated space that invites you in but a place where you also have the ability to close the door when finished then looking at a more permanent solution should be your next step.

Converting a garage, spare room or loft is a great way to incorporate at gym at home, and if opting for the latter, will surely add value to your property too. In the loft you will have plenty of space to work with, just make sure that you hire a company to install loft boarding so that you can be safe in the knowledge that larger pieces of equipment are safe.

Fill your gym with your preferred equipment

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The next question you’ll need to ask yourself is what equipment do you need in your home gym? It’s too easy for beginners to fall into the trap of spending big on high-tech equipment they barely end up using. The UK consumer watchdog organisation Which? points out: “A basic, inexpensive floor exercise accessory such as a resistance band or medicine ball could be all you need to get results.” 

Some items already in your home could even serve as practical substitutes. “A coffee table or ottoman works really well for tricep dips, Bulgarian split squats, and decline push-ups,” Schmidt explains, adding: “A towel can easily replace a yoga strap.”

You may alternatively have your mind set on a professional looking set up complete with cross trainer, rowing machine, dumbbells and rack station, TRX and more, while a mirror is a great idea for checking in with form and a TV can be useful if you like to follow along with workouts online.

How to stay motivated


Different people will have different reasons and aims in their exercise mission. Maybe it’s the desire to shift some weight, gain some muscle, or alternatively you may be looking to improve your overall health including your heart and lung health.

When you know exactly why you want to exercise, you can source particular pieces of fitness equipment accordingly. An exercise bike is good for calorie-burning cardio workouts, while using weights or a weight bench would bode well for building strength at the same time as toning and shaping the body.

Having the right equipment for you and also a plan and scheduled times to work out will be great motivators on your fitness journey