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Luxury house building: We talk to Bellis Homes co founder Henry Fordham

Milespit Hill

Bellis Homes are an upmarket luxury homebuilder, with over 40 years of experience in construction, development and project management.

We recently sat down with co founder Henry Fordham and talked about everything from what people are looking for the most in terms of luxury to why the luxury house building market has suddenly become so popular.

Please tell us who you are and what you do at Bellis Homes?

I am Henry Fordham. I graduated in politics and economics at Oxford Brookes. I jointly set up Bellis Homes, which took over the main residential vehicle for the St James Business Group. Since the company started in 2013, we have had over £90m of property being built and for sale. The group focuses on residential property, including individual houses in prestigious locations such as Hampstead, London for £16m and village houses ranging from £250,000 to £6m in the Home Counties.

I currently help run the acquisitions and the management of the diverse projects that Bellis Homes is currently involved in, whilst my core focus is to expand the brand.

Milespit Hill
Bellis Homes are an upmarket luxury homebuilder

Are there changes in the luxury new homes industry that you believe are especially positive to those entering it today?

At the moment, I can only see it going from strength to strength, There are expansive financiers available today, with supply being greater than I have ever known it. If you have a good scheme, you are likely to find the money, which is exactly what you want to be happening in this type of industry! At the moment it really is a great time to get involved in luxury homes.

What is it about luxury housebuilding that still brings job satisfaction to you?

Seeing a scheme start go from the bare bones to something that people can enjoy the day they move in, is still a feeling that hasn’t changed for me! I also love the process and creating new ideas for schemes along the way.

What would you say people are looking for the most in terms of luxury?

At the moment the list is endless, I have been seeing a great trend in people future proofing homes, so the house they purchase can really be that ‘forever home’. Examples of things people are looking for are, lifts, easy access, large living spaces, high tech aspects such as sound systems, 24 hour security, indoor spas, pools and bars,

Milespit Hill
The UK luxury house building market is currently enjoying a huge boom

Why has the luxury house building market suddenly become so popular in your eyes?

Nowadays we are all living hectic and stressful lives, so in my opinion the public are investing more into their homes to make them ultra luxurious so they have everything they need in once place. The days of popping to the local spa for relaxation is over, people are wanting the spas in their basement!

What is the most difficult part of luxury house building?

I would say the time frames, obviously nothing runs smoothly, but if one aspect goes wrong it throws off the whole time frame of the end project!

What would you say is the most luxurious item you have incorporated into a development?

I could name a few things, bars, saunas and steam rooms, pools, walk in fridges TV’s in baths .. I could go on!

Milespit Hill
Bellis Homes’ latest luxury development, Eleven Trees, launches in Mill Hill village on October 7th

What are some of your latest luxury projects, where are they?

We have a couple of new projects, Four5Two is a range high-specification apartments in the heart of Hampstead. With a contemporary design, the apartments of Four5Two are engineered for deluxe living. The rear of the apartments feature balconies with incredible Hampstead Heath views, the perfect spot to sit back and relax. The premium location of Four5Two is ideal for those looking for the perfect blend of rural life with strong city links. The views over Hampstead Heath from the rear balconies are a big talking point when it comes to this development with floor to ceiling windows in the living areas to maximise light and the stunning vista.

We also have Eleven Trees which launches on October 7th, this collection is one of my favourites. The development compromises three homes, two with five bedrooms and one with six. All houses include gyms, dressing rooms and swimming pool and spa areas. The interiors have been finished to the highest specification with Alexander James Interiors Design appointed to ensure these homes are perfectly dressed.