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The advantages of being a high roller: Perks you can’t ignore!

A punter who places bets often and bets big is considered an important asset. The casino management will ensure that these high rollers are happy with their services. Even online casinos have a system to identity their big spenders and do what they can to keep them coming back for more. Online casinos like BetVictor even has a High Roller VIP program.

It is an exclusive program for VIP membership who expect personalised services. They can most definitely expect the best from the casino because they are the high rollers.

What are VIP Perks?

Casinos and their online counterparts offer perks to loyal customers, big spenders or high rollers. Going as far as treating them with the red carpet, they make sure to show their appreciation to these people who continue to cash out big bucks to place bets.

This special treatment goes beyond exemplary customer service, casinos ensure an experience that makes them want to come back for more. So, before spending a lot of time on an online casino game, make sure you’re not missing out on the high roller perks.

Perks can be awarded to a VIP player in the form of hospitality events, special promotions, exclusive prizes such as a luxurious holidays around the world and more.

Cash bonuses are usually the most awarded perk to a high roller. They can expect bonus rewards every month or so. These are some things you cannot expect as a regular player or casino member.

How to Become a High Roller

There are three keys to becoming a VIP player: big deposits, frequent visits and loyalty. Of course, your winnings and losses are also considered, but If can do all of the three, you will be noticed by the casino and offered to take part of their VIP program.

It’s a fact that online casinos make it easier to become a VIP than in actual casinos. When signing up at an online casino, the amount you will first deposit can already qualify you as a high roller. But at an actual casino, it will take months to be noticed. If you frequent a casino and they notice you as a loyal customer, they can be invited to the elite program.

To find out if the VIP perks is worth your while, compare what services and rewards are available to high rollers versus regular players at different casinos. This will allow you to choose which casinos offer rewards you actually want and suits your needs.

So what perks are you supposed to look for? These are premium promotions you will find enticing:
⦁ Deposit bonuses – Bonuses can amount to as much as $100 or 50% of the deposit amount. Players will be enticed to deposit larger amounts to make the most out of the bonus.

⦁ Access to exclusive games – There are games for VIP players only and although they are usually high-stakes version of regular games, some casinos offer early access to new games as well.

⦁ Special admission to events – high rollers can receive free tickets to concerts and theatre shows. Some offer free transportation and food. Best of all, VIPs can take their friends or family with them.

⦁ Cash rewards – Some casinos offer cash rewards monthly. The bonuses are calculated based on several factors and can amount to as much as £10,000.

⦁ Personal host – the casino usually appoints a personal host to their high rollers. The hosts will make sure that the customer’s every need is attended to.

⦁ No deposit limits and unlimited withdrawal – Regular players have limited deposit and withdrawals. A high roller does not worry about this because he or she has a personal host who will take care of them. The host will let you know of the best ways to withdraw and avoid paying more fees. Actually, they can waive the fees altogether for a high roller.

In a Nutshell

If you have the funds to spend on casino and gaming, then be sure to check out the rewards you can get for it.

It is important that you choose to bet with the right casino whose VIP benefits are most advantageous for you. Some online casinos will let you choose which rewards you want to receive. So when deciding which casino to play with, it’s important you focus on the casino whose rewards best suit you.

Different casinos have different reward schemes so do a bit of research.