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5 top tips for braving a bold new look

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Perhaps it’s a brand new season, or maybe you’re hoping to make an impression at an upcoming event. Either way, a bold new look is more about simply the clothes you wear or the way you style your hair. How you look affects how you feel and, by extension, how you act. If you want to project confidence and capability, there’s no better place to start that with engineering a bold new look! So that you can feel good on the outside and project your very best self.

James Dean, George Clooney, Chris Hemsworth… these are men with an iconic and inimitable style. Their instantly recognisable aesthetic sets them apart from others and broadens their charisma and appeal. Not because these men wore (or wear) anything that’s particularly memorable, but because the way they look convey who they are without them having to speak a word. An elegance in the way they put themselves together became a unique expression of themselves.

Sexy gorgeous stylish man. Sunglasses. City style. A beautiful and charming man with sunglasses outdoors. Stubble and blacks hair. Intense light. White shirt and stylish jacket.
Finding your own style is easier than you might think

Finding your own style is easier than you might think and doesn’t have to involve maxing out your credit cards or losing half your body weight. In fact, authentic style begins inside. The rest is easy! Although you might not be aiming for the Hollywood star appeal of the James Dean’s of this world, that’s not to say that your own, personal style has to be any less effective.

Get Groomed are a mobile barber service who provide a traditional and indulgent experience, tailored entirely around the client’s schedule. Here, they share 5 tips for braving a bold, new look. Because creating yourself, and your experiences, is a process that starts from the inside out.

Get advice

No one knows you better than your friends and family. They’ll be able to give you honest and valuable advice on all areas of your bold, new look, and give their objective opinion on what does (and doesn’t) work for you. Alternatively, go out and get advice from professionals, such as stylists, or others whose fashion-sense you admire. A true, bespoke style is all about the details! And those who work in the profession will know just how to achieve that extra level of polish.

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Go with something that makes you feel good about yourself

Do your research

Thanks to social networks and influencers, there’s no shortage of style inspiration on the internet. Youthful, high-end fashion rubs shoulders with more mature and gentlemanly class, and clicking onto one page can lead you into a rabbit hole of new inspirations that you may not have previously considered. This is the fun part… Spend some time digging around to find those stand-out looks that you keep on returning to.

Take risks

Is there one look you’ve always wanted to try but never quite been brave enough? Now could be the time to take the plunge and discover a new layer to yourself. In the words of the ever-iconic Ralph Lauren: “Personal style is about taking a risk, trying something unexpected and having fun with fashion. But always being true to yourself”.

man barbershop beard trim
Ask your barber for a trendy new hair cut or beard trim. Image credit: The Bluebeards Revenge


Go with something that makes you feel good about yourself. There’s no use in choosing a radically different look that’s going to be difficult to maintain or that you’ll soon get tired of. Follow your instinct. Nothing says true confidence like authenticity and the elegance that comes from being truly comfortable in your own skin.

Find your style

It’s good to research and get advice, but the best style is always your own style! Experiment, have fun and find what works for you. Fashions come and go but genuine style is timeless, and entirely unique to your own sense of self. Be an original and not an imitation.

The truth is that developing your own style is all about developing your own voice. How you present should be intentional, and not a result of whatever happens to be the most convenient choice at the time! As soon as you start to dress in line with who you are, and who you want to be; the sooner you’ll notice a change in other areas of your life, too. Most noticeably in your self-confidence and willingness to step into your own, unique potential!