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A look at Avi-8’s limited edition P-51 Mustang

For some of us, a watch is a practical necessity; for others, a good watch can make an unrelenting fashion statement. Some say you can tell everything you need to know about a person just from the kind of watch they are wearing; if that is true then the launch of Avi-8’s new limited edition watch, the P-51 Mustang, will have both history and style lovers jumping out of their seat with excitement.

This watch is inspired by the American WW2 fighter plane of the same name, which was one of the most renowned and successful fighters to serve over Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific. The plane stood out from its many predecessors due to its long-range guns, unmatched speed, and its flexible manoeuvrability; in fact these things made the plane so unique and successful that it was not retired from military service until 1984, over 40 years after its introduction.

The P-51 Mustang watch aims to be as timeless and outstanding as its namesake. It is sleek, with a genuine leather strap and a dial that takes its inspiration directly from the cockpit of the P-51 plane; the face of the watch was also crafted with clear reference to the fighter plane in its intricate design. A 43 mm case features a curved crown guard with detailing that references the engine exhaust of the aircraft. The case has fine brush finishing on the bezel with articulated lugs that flow fluidly into the bulbous yet streamlined case shape. A slightly convexed scratch resistant sapphire lens tops the bezel, creating an altogether aerodynamic profile in shape and form.

The sword shaped hands, which are inspired by the hands of the P-51 Altimeter are painted with glow-in-the-dark high grade Swiss lume, meaning this watch has the rare gift of being both fashionable and functional.

As if these intricate details weren’t enough, there is more; the watch straps are actually inspired by the P-51’s undulating seats, and the layered dial design is inspired by the shape of the dashboard inside the cockpit. The watch is also delivered in a beautiful gift box which includes the added bonus of an additional nylon and canvas strap for an added layer of comfort and durability, making this the perfect birthday or early Christmas present for the watch enthusiasts in your life.

This watch pays homage to a time and place in history that we will never forget, it memorialises not only the P-51 Mustang plane, but also the era from which it took its inspiration. This piece of technical craftsmanship is unique, durable and timeless. And with only 1490 pieces on the market this watch should be snapped up right away by any history loving, style conscious man who wants to be the owner of this piece of watchmaking history.

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