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Beauty Review: Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit

From whitening strips to charcoal toothpastes, the plethora of whitening products on the market today is endless – and for those in pursuit of that Hollywood smile, options abound.

If your pearly whites are looking more pearly yellow, then finding an effective product is your first challenge. Then, finding one which doesn’t leave your teeth uncomfortably sensitive is yet another.

With new EEC guidelines, the law now states that no teeth whitening kit must contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, and the Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit is fully compliant with this, meaning that nasty sensitivity isn’t a worry. Add to that the fact that, unlike most kits, the treatment time is just 10 minutes a pop, and it looks to have a lot going for it.

It’s an innovative twist on convention which really makes this kit worth a go, having improved upon its original formula by adding a new LED light to the contents. Whilst it might sound like an odd addition, LEDs can actually help to quicken the whitening process, meaning less time spent drooling unbecomingly and hoping no one sees you, and more time spent admiring your new, whiter teeth.

Each kit includes three non-peroxide syringes, along with a silicon mouth tray, easy to use instructions, and of course, the LED light. Offering a simple treatment for those looking to remove tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine and most food stains, first, you simply place the provided mouth trays into hot water for 20 seconds to soften, then place them into your mouth and bite down for 20 seconds to create a mould of your teeth.

The Diamond Whites Home Teeth Whitening Kit

I say simply, because the process itself is – however, getting an accurate mould of your teeth is less so, and required some pushing and pressure on the fronts of my teeth in order to get the required indentations.

Once the moulds have been made, you next have to spray the activator spray onto a dry toothbrush and brush your teeth for around 30 seconds, before syringing about 1-2ml of the gel provided into your moulds and popping them into your mouth. Place the LED light into your mouth, then sit back and put your feet up for ten minutes – that really is it.

Having to keep the light in your mouth is not the most enjoyable, but as the treatment is so much shorter than usual, it’s not all that bad, either. The question is, did it work?

In a word, yes – but no need to hold the front page. The kit states that it can only whiten your teeth back to their original shade, so don’t expect to be blinding people with your dazzling new smile. That said, my teeth looked noticeably whiter post-treatment after using for a week, and though others may not have noticed, I certainly could. If your teeth are just a little bit discoloured then the Diamond Whites Home Whitening Kit will restore them to their former glory – and although I can’t speak for more severe staining, I was satisfied with the result.